Environmental Protection & Sustainability

GEG complies with environmental laws across its properties and also puts policies in place to effectively reduce and manage greenhouse gas emissions as well as efficiently utilize resources such as energy and water. Examples of GEG’s conservation initiatives include:



GEG’s initiatives across different properties in relation to conserving energy include de-lamping, retrofitting the properties with more environmentally-friendly LED lights, using automated lighting and temperature controls and optimizing air systems and chiller plants. Through these and other energy saving efforts, the Group achieved over 17,392,160 kWh of energy savings in 2016.



GEG also seeks to use water more sustainably. GEG implemented highly efficient water fittings in Hotel Okura Macau, improved the water fountain systems and irrigation systems in Galaxy Macau and installed efficient water fittings in Broadway Macau™. Through these initiatives, in 2016 GEG reduced water consumption by 161,115 m3.



GEG encourages responsible waste handling across its properties. Monitoring and reviewing its properties’ waste production on a continuous basis, GEG has strict waste collection and recycling guidelines for its properties. In 2016, GEG’s recycling programs generated 23,261 kg of compost from food waste for landscape planting and collected  1,138 tons of cardboard and paper materials, 141 tons of plastic, 38 tons of metal, 104 tons of glass bottles and 48,700 liters of waste oil.