Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our team members, guests and community are paramount to the Group. Apart from fulfilling our legal obligations on health and safety, the below efforts were made across our properties in 2015:

Separately, GEG has also initiated a number of health and safety programs at its properties. All GEG properties have established communication platforms to share safety information among business units and all properties have developed and adopted an Accident Management System to monitor and control accident rates and take corresponding action. Furthermore, Galaxy Macau™ also systematically identifies and mitigates health and safety risks through a certified OHSAS 18001 system and in 2015, the integrated resort also hosted a sharing forum that attracted around 100 participants from the community.


Working with Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (“CEM”), GEG co-hosted the “Macau Safety, Health and Environmental Sharing Forum 2015” at UA Galaxy Cinemas


Environmental Protection and Sustainability

GEG has taken active steps to build a strong foundation for the future. By communicating its environmental protection objectives across all properties, GEG integrates sustainability into the Group’s business strategy.

Protecting the Environment

GEG is committed to improving its environmental performance along the sustainability journey. To meet this goal, GEG implements the following ongoing actions:

1. Energy

The Group retrofitted green lightings across hotel floors, VIP lobbies and bars & restaurants for all its properties to achieve significant energy saving initiatives. The HVAC system across all properties have been optimized to improve overall efficiency and replaced with environmentally friendly refrigerants. The Group is proud that Galaxy Macau saved approximately 11.5 million kWh of energy in 2015 and at the same time, Galaxy Macau Phase 2 obtained LEED gold certification for its new tower.

2. Water

GEG is developing water management platforms and establishing water reduction plans at its properties so as to continuously reduce portable water consumption and comply with water quality requirements in 2016. Thus far, the Group has installed water saving faucets in most of its properties and has had in place water recycling and circulation systems for cleaning and irrigation to reduce its water consumption. It is looking into establishing a water consumption database to help monitor its water usage and recycling.

3. Waste

GEG monitors and reviews its properties’ waste production on a regular basis and has strong recycling initiatives. It collected different waste materials for recycling in 2015, inclusive of plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal, cardboard and paper materials and food waste.

Since food waste constitutes most of the waste in its operation, GEG installed a brand new food waste processing machine at Galaxy Macau and through compression and dehydration, the machine reduced food waste volume by 80%. In addition, Galaxy Macau also has a food waste decomposer that has generated over 5 tons of fertilizer for landscape planting use. Meanwhile, GEG is also considering to install the food waste decomposer at all properties in near future. GEG has displayed great achievements in protecting the environment. Major Environmental Protection related awards received in 2015 are listed below: