Supporting The Community

As one of Asia’s leading gaming and entertainment corporations, GEG is committed to being a proactive and responsible member of the Macau community, continually investing in the development of the territory for the benefit of all its residents and visitors to ensure its long term success.  GEG supported and participated in a wide range of social, philanthropic and volunteering activities in Macau, and also contributed to worthwhile causes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Establishment of the GEG Foundation

To celebrate its 10th year in operation and the 3rd anniversary of its flagship property Galaxy Macau™, GEG announced the establishment of the GEG Foundation on 4 July 2014.  Focusing on educating and empowering the young people of Macau and Mainland China, it will be funded initially with HK$300 million and a further commitment of another HK$1 billion later on.

The GEG Foundation will invite distinguished people from society to participate in its endeavor to contribute towards the prosperity and social development of Macau and Mainland China. 


Smoke-free Areas

GEG is fully committed to creating a healthier environment for its team members and patrons.  Supporting the new era of a smoke-free Macau, GEG complies fully with the Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control.  Since January 2012, GEG has adopted the following practices and remains committed to them:

To further improve the air quality within our properties and in response to the Macau SAR Government’s implementation of a smoking ban in all mass gaming floors in Macau casinos on 6 October, 2014, GEG implemented the following additional measures across its properties:

Galaxy Macau

StarWorld Hotel


Community Activities

GEG adheres closely to the philosophy of “from the community, for the community” and ensures that its “Asian Heart” culture not only permeates its business operations, but also shapes the way in which it engages with the Macau community. In 2014, GEG implemented a high number of diverse community and volunteering activities.

Charitable Activities

GEG strongly believes that as it grows and achieves success it should increase its contribution to the community. To this end, GEG donated to over 30 organisations and people in need, and a selected list is presented below:

Sports Development

GEG is committed to assisting Macau in its efforts to become a more culturally diverse and attractive international tourism hub.  The Group hosts and participates in a number of sporting and community events, including:

Education & Culture

GEG believes that developing the skills and expertise of young people is paramount to enhancing Macau’s overall competitiveness. GEG collaborated with various educational and professional institutes to develop different programs to help young people build a more solid foundation for their future careers.  Highlights in 2014:

Employee Engagement

Recognizing that our team members are our most valuable assets, GEG offers the highest quality professional and personal development training to enable them to fulfill their potential. 

Announced Enhanced Employee Benefits 

Reflecting the importance of our strong team and the critical role each and every member plays in our continued success, we recently extended a new employee benefits package for all our 17,000 Macau general team members. These new incentive measures will help the Group to retain and attract high quality talent while maintaining the exemplary ‘World Class, Asian Heart’ service philosophy for which we are renowned.

Employee Activities

GEG also develops and organizes numerous activities to promote a healthy work-life balance through its GEG Staff Social Club and GEG Volunteer Team programs.  Some of the activities organized in 2014 include: