Supporting The Community

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of Asia’s leading gaming and entertainment corporations, GEG is committed to being a responsible and proactive corporate citizen in Macau, investing in Macau’s development for the benefit of all its residents and visitors to ensure its long term success. Our “World Class, Asian Heart” philosophy not only governs the way we treat guests, but also the way in which we interact with the local community. In the first half of 2014 GEG supported and participated in a wide range of social, philanthropic and volunteering activities in Macau, and also contributed to worthwhile causes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


Smoke-Free Areas

GEG is fully committed to creating a healthier environment for its team members and patrons. Supporting the new era of a smoke-free Macau, GEG complies fully with the Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control.  Since 1 January 2012, GEG has adopted the following practices and remains committed to them:

  • Held regular briefing sessions with team members to ensure that they understand the Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control and statutory non-smoking areas
  • Placed signs around our properties to clearly identify the smoking and non-smoking zones, and highlight violation penalties
  • Removed all ashtrays within the statutory non-smoking areas and discouraged patrons from lighting cigars or cigarettes while within these areas
  • Removed all back-of-house indoor smoking areas to demonstrate GEG’s commitment towards protecting the health of its team members


Environmental Protection & Sustainability

As GEG has grown, promoting conservation and environmental sustainability has become a core priority. Key activities and accreditations in the first half of 2014 include:

  • Renewed GEG’s Pearl Membership to WWF-Hong Kong’s 2014/2015 Corporate Membership Programme, and took part in WWF’s Earth Hour Event for the sixth consecutive year
  • Took part in the “2014 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition” that is hosted by the Macau SAR Government and supproted by National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China
  • Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau continues to support the monthly “Lights Out” Activity no the first Tuesday every month
  • Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld Macau continues to take part in the “Macao Energy Saving Contest 2014” organized by Companhia de Electricidade de Macau and the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector of the Macau SAR Government

In the first half of 2014, significant efforts were made to reduce the Group’s energy and water consumption, recycle and limit waste, and improve indoor air quality across the Group’s properties.


Galaxy Macau™

  • Saved approximately 3.6 million kWh of energy for the first half of 2014 through implementing various energy saving initiatives, including re-lamping of 15,500 pieces of lights with LED lighting in restaurants, retail streets and hotel towers

StarWorld Macau

  • Saved approximately 15,360 kWh of energy per month through further replacing a total of 2,000 pieces of 40w Tungsten Halgen lamps from the guest rooms with 5w LED lamps
  • Installed motion sensor light switches to low usage areas such as pantries, team member toilets, hotel floor corridors and back-of-house areas
  • Continued to use the following energy saving devices:

-      Variable speed drive to secondary chilled water pumps – the pump output will closely match the load without wasting energy

-      Frequency inverter to escalators – the escalators will assume a redundant mode when no one or few people ride on them

-      Automation system to control the central air-conditioning system to achieve the best energy efficiency status

-      CO2 sensors to monitor and operate ventilation system of parking area through its Building Management System


Galaxy Macau™

  • Installed another 200 pieces of water restrictors to faucets in the first half of 2014 so that there are 700 pieces currently in use with approximatley 1.4 million liters of water savings
  • Recycled condensed water from air-conditioning systems for cleaning and irrigation purposes
  • Further developing the recycling of condensed water for cooling tower water usage

StarWorld Macau

  • Adopted a computerized chemical dosing system to reduce the blow down rate of cooling tower
  • Continued to use water saving faucets, showerheads and dual flush water closets in guest rooms and facilities to reduce water usage
  • Continued to recycle condensed water from air-conditioning systems for cleaning and irrigation purposes


Galaxy Macau™

  • Purchased a food waste decomposing machine which, in the first half of 2014, produced over 1,500 kg of composite for planting; additional machinery will be purchased for Galaxy Macau™ Phase 2 operation
  • Commenced HP used printing cartridges collection and reycling
  • Commenced a glass bottle recycling program

StarWorld Macau

  • Collected approximately 78.4 tons of cardboard and paper materials, 6.5 tons of plastic, 0.51 tons of metal and approximately 2,800 liters of waste oil for recycling in the first half of 2014

Air Quality

Galaxy Macau™

  • Met all parameters for Indoor Air Quality for the smoking areas in gaming halls in accordance with the “Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control”
  • Conducted an annual Indoor Environmental Quality Audit for team member facilities to ensure that air quality and water safety met established standards

StarWorld Macau

  • Further enhanced the indoor air quality of the gaming area by installing 64 additioanl duct-type ionizers throughout the entire building
  • Continued to use water recycling hoods and electronic precipitators to remove the grease content in the kitchen exhaust and reduce the temperature of the kitchen exhaust, before discharging outside to minimize pollution
  • Continued to use CO & CO2 sensors in gaming areas in order to continuously monitor levels of concentration.  The sensor signal regulates the fresh air intake into the casino halls in order to ensure that the indoor air quality can be improved withouth wasting energy to cool unnecessary fresh air
  • Contiued to use air purifiers in some of the hotel guest rooms to effectively remove smoke residue, odours and other pollutants
  • Continued to assign non-smoking guest rooms to non-smoking guests

Ongoing Initiatives

Galaxy Macau™

  • Continued to replace lightings with LED lights across the property to reduce energy consumption
  • Continued to conduct regular energy audits to achieve efficient energy management and strike for greater energy conservation
  • Continued to optimize chillers and heat pump systems to further reduce energy consumption
  • Continued to identify additional locations for placement of recycling bins at both front and back-of-house areas
  • Continued to post and publish green tips for team members on a bi-weekly basis so as to create a collective culture

StarWorld Macau

  • Continued to actively participate in environmental protection activities and campaigns
  • Continued to place information cards inside guest rooms to encourage long staying guests to reduce the frequency of changing towels and bed linens
  • Continued to post reminders at back-of-house areas to encourage team members to save water
  • Continued to use environmental friendly chemicals for laundry and cleaning purposes
  • Continued to provide toilet paper rolls certified by “Forest Stewardship Council” and paper hand towels endorsed with “Green Mark”


Community Activities

GEG is attentive to the needs of the local community. The Group’s “Asian Heart” culture and service philosophy not only permeates its business operations, but also shapes the way in which it engages with the Macau community.  In the first half of 2014, GEG implemented a high number of diverse community and volunteering activities.

  • Hosted a New Year Luncheon for the elderly members of General Union of Neighbors’ Association of Macao
  • Organized a shopping activity for mentally handicapped members from Pou Choi Centre of Fuhong Society of Macau
  • Invited elderly residents of Asilo de Felicidade and Lar de Idosos Ian Oi Limitada to Galaxy Macau™ to explore the various resort amenities and learn some useful massage techniques from the experts at “Foot Hub”
  • Hosted a fun-filled Mother’s Day cards making workshop for mentally handicapped members from Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau


Charitable Activities

GEG strongly believes in sharing its success with the local community. To this end, GEG donates to organizations and people in need, and a selected list is presented below:

  • Associação dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau
  • Cradle of Hope Association
  • International Ladies Club of Macau
  • Macau Populace Mental Health Promotion Association
  • Macau Holy House of Mercy
  • Macau Special Olympics
  • Obra Das Mães
  • Orbis Macau
  • The Macau Association for the Mentally Handicapped
  • World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong


Sports Development

GEG is commited to making Macau a more culturally diverse and attractive international tourism destination. The Group contributes significantly towards enhancing the attractiveness, scale and quality of Macau’s various sports and community events. Initiatives in the first half of 2014 are outlined below:

  • Sponsored the first “Junior Masters Golf Championship” held in Augusta Golf Course in support of Make a Wish Foundation, an international charity organization that grants wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions
  • Sponsored the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers and Macau Special Olympics in organizing the “2014 Special Olympics Golf Masters” at Caesars Golf Macau for the third consecutive year
  • Sponsored the Macau Gaming Industry Laborers Association (MGILA) in organizing the “2014 M.G.I.L.A. Cups” in five areas of sport competitions – basketball, football, table tennis, bowling and running
  • Supporting the Associação de Vela de Macau in promoting and teaching the sport of sailing to Macau’s residents by sponsoring the non-profit sports association in purchasing new life-boats and equipments for their sailing activities


Education & Culture

GEG believes that developing the skills and expertise of young people is vital to enhancing the overall competitiveness of Macau. GEG collaborated with various educational and professional training institutes to develop different programs that can help young people explore their career opportunities and build a more solid foundation for their long term career development.  In the first half of 2014, GEG:

  • Took part in the “Parade for the Celebration of the Year of Horse” jointly organized by Macau Government Tourist Office, Macau Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau and Macau Sport Development Board
  • Supported “World Autism Awareness Day” by sponsoring the exhibition of “My Animal Friends Painting Competition for People with Autism and People with Mental Handicap in Macau” awarded drawings at Galaxy Macau™ East Square
  • Title sponsored the “GEG Macau Cup – Teenage National Conditions Knowledge Competition” for the sixth consecutive year
  • Recruited 40 students, including 11 students from special education institutes to take part in the GEG Internship Program 2014
  • Sponsored the “G2E Asia 2014” co-organized by the American Gaming Association and Reed Exhibitions Greater China
  • Sponsored “The Script Road – 2014 Macau Literary Festival” jointly organized by Macau Cultural Affairs Bureau and Portuguese newspaper Ponto Final
  • Sponsored the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra 40th Anniversary Gala Concert and Dinner


Employee Engagement

Recognizing that our team members are critical to the Group’s future success, GEG offers high quality professional and personal development training programs to enable colleagues to reach their full potential. These include:

  • Continuing to offer the “GEG Leaders Program” to team members at senior manager positions and above, and expanding the intake to selective manager positions
  • Continuing to work with Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) to offer professional training for GEG team members; a total of 25 courses on computer, language, professional development and occupational skills were jointly organized by GEG and CPTTM for team members in the first half of 2014
  • Organized a “GEG Leaders Program Graduation Ceremony” to congratulate over 300 executives who have completed the “GEG Leaders Program” in 2013

Employee Activities

GEG also develops and organizes numerous activities to promote a healthy work-life balance through its “GEG Staff Social Club” and “GEG Volunteer Team” programmes.  Some of the activities organized for team members’ enjoyment in the first half of 2014 include:

  • Organized different monthly sports and recreational activities incluing “Lunar New Year Soccer Cup”, “Badminton Fun Day”, “Mother’s Day L’ecrin Flower Workshop” and “Rice Dumplings Wrapping Workshop” to enhance team bonding and promote work-life balance among team members
  • Organized a “Star of the Year 2013” Award Presentation Ceremony to recognize 15 outstanding team members
  • Invited over 200 team members to join the “2014 World Challenge Day” 15-minutes group exercises at Banyan Ballroom at Banyan Tree Macau
  • Garnered a total of seven awards at the “2014 Macau International Dragon Boat Races”