Supporting the Community

As a leader in the gaming and entertainment industry, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”, or the “Group”) operates as a fully sustainable business by supporting the communities in which it operates and fostering social goodwill. Fully committed to sharing its success with Macau’s residents and visitors, GEG invests in the future development of Macau and supports the government’s social programs. 

Driven by its “World Class, Asian Heart” service philosophy, each year GEG devotes significant resources to supporting social cooperation, talent development, environmental protection, and resource and supply chain management.



GEG fully complies with the rules and regulations set out by the Macau Special Administrative Region (“SAR”) Government as well as the Hong Kong SAR Government. Specifically, GEG maintains its corporate values, philosophy, responsibilities and procedures by implementing its own Code of Business Conduct and other internal documents in order to ensure the conduct of an ethical, honest and fully compliant business.

As part of its commitment to fighting corruption and maintaining high ethical standards, GEG obliges its employees and independent third parties who work on GEG’s behalf to undertake due diligence on business partners working with GEG, to ensure compliance with its Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Finance of Terrorism Policy which was approved by the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. 

All the relevant internal rules, regulations, policies and procedures are effectively disseminated to all GEG team members through internal channels, interfaces and employee agreements.

GEG makes every effort to educate and keep its team members aware of the applicable rules, regulations and procedures by regularly conducting compulsory training and workshops. In addition, all team members are encouraged to report any noncompliance with anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies, including suspicious financial activities and transactions, to the Human Resources and Administration Department or other relevant departments according to standard operating procedures.

GEG also upholds intellectual property rights and protects personal data. GEG uses different contractual vehicles such as confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements to protect intellectual property rights, personal data, and/or other confidential information.



1. Diversity

In the recruitment process, GEG takes great care in ensuring our team is diverse in gender, age, qualifications and experience. GEG has almost equal numbers of female and male workers. The majority of the team members are aged 30 years or above and are skilled and experienced.

2. Working environment

GEG is strongly committed in promoting a healthy work-life balance and providing a comfortable environment for its team members. Initiatives in 2016 included:

3. Labor Standards

GEG regards its workforce as one of its most important assets. In addition to its internal policies, GEG has robust policies and processes in place to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations in employment and labor standards that are laid out in both the “Labor Relations Law” and “Labor Legislation” of the Labor Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government and Labor Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, respectively. 

4. Health and Safety 

The health and safety of GEG’s team members is of paramount importance. Using an operational risk-based approach, GEG continues to develop its safety procedures and control measures in alignment accordingly. This approach includes: Galaxy Macau’s safety management system, established in 2011, which complies with the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulation and was awarded the British Standards Institution (BSI) OHSAS 18001 Certification in 2015.

GEG’s dedicated Health and Safety Team monitors and investigates work-related injuries and accidents.


5. Talent Management

GEG provides training and development opportunities to support team members in achieving both vertical and lateral career path advancement. Our talent development focuses on diversifying local team members’ skills and knowledge to support a diversified business, local economy and community.

Organization Development and Training initiatives support GEG’s Mission, Vision and Values. Our team members’ success in delivering service that stands out from the rest provides the very foundation of all our business.

GEG’s Organization Development and Training strategy has delivered the following key learning and development initiatives including:

In 2016, GEG and our team members set a new Guinness World Record for the largest human clover, symbolizing and energizing our “World Class, Asian Heart” service philosophy.



To ensure that the best possible service is delivered to its guests, GEG not only complies with the internal policies and all consumer rules and regulations, it also provides a wide variety of channels for client feedback. These are supported by:

GEG implements strict policies and standards for protecting the health and safety of its customers and upholding the quality of its products and services. These standards are adhered to by GEG’s team members and all independent third parties who work on its behalf.



GEG ensures that it conducts its business ethically and honestly by strictly complying with all laws and regulations associated with executing orders for the supply of goods and services. GEG strictly adheres to all laws on bribery prevention and encourages team members to report any possible corruption offences to Macau’s Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) whilst also requiring suppliers to declare any conflicts of interest. GEG continues to work with selected suppliers who offer products and services which:

GEG conducts periodic reviews and performance evaluation of its suppliers and requires all suppliers, vendors and contractors to comply with Macau’s industrial safety laws and observe GEG’s health and safety guidelines prior to entering its properties. GEG considers the following when selecting suppliers:

Aligned with the Macau SAR Government’s policy on supporting the development of local SMEs, GEG prioritizes local SMEs in all sourcing areas. Adopting the “large businesses leading small businesses for sharing of economic success” approach, GEG launched a Local SME Partnership Program in 2016 to provide extensive opportunities for local SMEs to further develop and grow their business with GEG.


Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation

Through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, GEG believes in tackling emerging social issues to help future generations build a brighter future. In April 2015, GEG established the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation to give back to Macau and the Greater China Region. The Foundation focuses on philanthropic activities to nurture young people and enable them to become responsible members of their communities.

The Foundation has launched four projects:


Education and Culture

Supporting the Macau SAR Government’s programs and policies on youth and talent development, GEG works with different educational, arts and cultural associations and institutes on helping young people build a strong educational foundation for their chosen future careers. Key initiatives taken by GEG in 2016 include:


Contributing to the Community

As an accountable and proactive member of the Macau community, GEG is committed to providing full support to the Macau SAR Government’s policies on nurturing youth and talent, developing sport and culture, protecting the environment, promoting social harmony, supporting national education and supporting Macau on its road to becoming a World Center of Tourism and Leisure. 

Abiding by the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, in 2016 GEG organized a total of 21 volunteering activities that attracted 309 GEG volunteers who reached out to 28 charitable associations and provided almost 880 hours of service to the community. Since the launch of the GEG Volunteer Team in 2011, GEG has organized more than 120 volunteering activities that reached out to over 120 different charitable groups and contributed over 7,200 hours of service to the community.


Charitable Activities

One of GEG’s major goals is to achieve community involvement by supporting Macau’s different charitable groups. In 2016, the key beneficiaries included (in alphabetical order):


Sports Development

GEG works hand-in-hand with the Macau SAR Government to upscale Macau’s sports and cultural development and achieve social harmony. Major initiatives in 2016 included:

Sponsoring the Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon for the 13th consecutive year. As one of Macau’s four major annual international sporting events, the event attracts amateur and professional runners from different countries and regions. Over 800 GEG team members took part in the activity, with GEG receiving the Marathon’s Group Award for the 12th consecutive year;