Over 80% of GEG Team Members Vaccinated

October 21, 2021 – Committed to adopting and supporting the Macau SAR Government’s pandemic prevention and control measures, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) stands with the community by providing timely and practical assistance during the fight against COVID-19. To support the Macau SAR Government’s COVID-19 vaccination program and help the community achieve herd immunity, GEG rolled out various initiatives aimed at encouraging its team members to get vaccinated. To date, close to 82% of GEG’s team members have been vaccinated.

Since the launch of the Macau SAR Government’s vaccination program, GEG has held different promotional activities and initiatives to help its team members obtain information about the vaccination program and bookings, as well as to motivate them to get vaccinated, including the two-time set-up of a vaccination point at Galaxy Macau™, the organization of several Vaccine Information Seminars, the arrangement of various roadshows at its back-of-house areas, and the offering of Special Vaccine Leave for its team members. Moreover, GEG also held over 500 departmental sharing sessions where fully-vaccinated team members shared their vaccine experience with colleagues. By organizing these sharing sessions, GEG hoped to encourage more team members to join the Macau SAR Government’s call for vaccination and to help the community achieve herd immunity.

As a socially responsible corporation, GEG continues to support the Macau SAR Government’s pandemic preventive and control work. In support of the Social Welfare Bureau’s call for assistance with the city’s recent mass nucleic acid test (“NAT”) drives, GEG mobilized nearly 200 GEG volunteers to help at the caring and general stations at the Olympic Sports Centre during the second and third mass NAT drives. In addition, GEG volunteers also collaborated with other volunteers, including those from government departments and social service organizations, to provide around-the-clock assistance for residents and people in need at the related NAT stations.

Furthermore, GEG’s Broadway Hotel has also been designated as Macau’s first self-health management hotel for Yellow Code holders who have been identified by the Health Bureau of the Macau SAR Government to be in good health condition. As well, designated areas inside GEG’s StarWorld Hotel and Broadway Macau™ were also used as free NAT stations during the first mass testing and as self-paid NAT stations during the second mass testing. Since pandemic prevention and control has become part of the new normal, GEG will remain proactive in supporting the preventive and control polices and measures implemented by the Macau SAR Government, encouraging its team members and the public to get vaccinated, and working together with the community to protect Macau.