Medical Staff of Tung Sin Tong’s Clinics invited by GEG to the 68th Macau Grand Prix and the Macau Grand Prix Museum

November 22, 2021 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been facilitating local sports development by actively supporting Macau’s key international sports events and activities. As the title sponsor of the past weekends’ 68th Macau Grand Prix “Galaxy Entertainment Macau Guia Race”, GEG encouraged sports related exchanges in the local community by offering Grand Prix tickets to the medical staff of Tung Sin Tong (TST)’s clinics so that they can watch the exciting races with their families. Prior to the races, GEG also invited the medical staff and their family members for a visit to the Macau Grand Prix Museum. Through these activities, GEG hoped to express its gratitude to the medical staff for contributing to Macau’s pandemic control and prevention work. 

Upholding the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, GEG is committed to enhancing the community’s engagement in sports. Arranged by GEG, TST’s medical staff and their families watched a series of thrilling 68th Macau Grand Prix races on site, including the “Galaxy Entertainment Macau Guia Race”, which the participants watched with joy and enthusiasm. Many of the participants took photos to capture the excitement. Earlier, GEG also arranged for the participants and GEG volunteers to visit the Macau Grand Prix Museum and explore Macau’s captivating car-racing history through the Museum’s display of various Grand Prix race cars, motorcycles, interactive games and guided tours. In addition, the participants also took part in the “Little Racers DIY Workshop” organized by the Macao Government Tourism Office of the Macau SAR Government for children to learn how to craft their own light clay pull back car while learning the cultural history of the Macau Grand Prix. 

Mrs. Lam, one of the participating parents, said, “Thanks to GEG’s arrangements, we experienced the Grand Prix’s excitement first-hand, which the children absolutely enjoyed. Through these activities, we were able to learn about Macau’s unique car-racing culture and its history. Such interactive activities also helped enhance our family’s relationship.” 

GEG is committed to supporting the Macau SAR Government’s directions to develop local sports, and has proactively assisted in the promotion of the cross-sectoral integration of “tourism + sports” by sponsoring different major sports events, namely, the Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon of which GEG has been a title sponsor for 18 consecutive years; the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix and the FIVB Women’s Volleyball Nations League that GEG has been sponsoring for a total of 14 years; and the WTT Macau 2020 presented by GEG during its inaugural launch in Macau last year. Moving forward, GEG will continue to foster local sports development, enrich Macau’s sports tourism offerings, and advocate the importance of sports for all.