GEG Launches 2021 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon Carnival

November 29, 2021 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) unveiled the 2021 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon Carnival today. As one of the Macao International Marathon’s 40th anniversary special promotion activities, the six-day carnival opens from November 29 to December 4 at the Broadway Food Street of Broadway Macau™. The carnival allows participants, residents and tourists to immerse in the energetic and joyful atmosphere of the marathon prior to the event through the incorporation of different elements, such as sports, delicacies, entertainment and cultural arts. Through organizing the carnival, GEG hopes to enrich Macau’s sports tourism offerings and showcase the city’s unique charm as a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure.

The kick-off ceremony was held at the first floor of Broadway Theater this afternoon and officiated by a number of honourable guests, including Mr. Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau of the Macau SAR Government; Mr. Ng Iok Tong, Chairman of Supervisory Committee of the General Association of Athletics of Macau; Mr. Philip Cheng, Director of GEG; Mr. Lau Cho Un and Ms. Lam Lin Kio, Vice Presidents of the Sports Bureau of the Macau SAR Government. Mr. Pun Weng Kun said in his speech, “The Macao International Marathon is in its 40th year. As the event continues to grow, its peripheral activities have become more abundant. For example, today’s 2021 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon Carnival adds many elements to this year’s race. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I thank GEG for animating, supporting and title-sponsoring the event for 18 consecutive years.” 

Mr. Philip Cheng said, “GEG would like to extend our thanks to the organizers. Their trust and support has allowed us to launch an array of unique promotional activities for the Marathon over the years, which were well-received by the community. Through supporting the Marathon, GEG hopes to advocate the importance of sports for all, and support the Macau SAR Government in facilitating the cross-sectoral development of sports and tourism in Macau.” In addition, renowned local runners, Mr. Chan Chong Ip and Ms. Hoi Long; and Mr. Ray Fong, the leader of the Runner’s Club of the GEG Staff Social Club, were also invited to the opening ceremony to share their marathon preparation tips and experience with audiences.

Following the kick-off ceremony, the officiating guests visited the “History of Macao International Marathon” exhibition on the mezzanine floor of Broadway Macau which aims to recap the development of the event, the number bibs and timing chips collection point, and different booths at the carnival. The carnival presents many special highlights, including free game booths, marathon-themed photo corners, captivating entertainment performances, special delicacies, exquisite handicrafts and yoga experience. To heighten the excitement, the carnival also includes lucky draws which will give away a total of 40 accommodation rewards at Galaxy Hotel™ and other fabulous gifts. The delightful carnival has attracted the active participation of both residents and tourists, and to foster an inclusive and harmonious community, GEG also invited members of 10 local social services organizations to participate in the carnival. 

This year, GEG also set up a special “GEG Macau Cup” for local athletes competing in the Marathon and Half Marathon so as to encourage them to strive for further breakthroughs. In addition, GEG continued to sponsor the popular “Most Creative Costume Award” and supported the “Fab 40” online special activity series hosted by the organizers. In the future, GEG will continue to proactively align our efforts to the Macau SAR Government’s directions to foster local sports development by supporting the organization of various international sports events with an aim of propelling Macau’s economic diversification.