GalaxyArt Presents “THE ART of BAMBOO: from Qilin to Contemporary Art” Exhibition; Underlining GEG’s Support to Macau’s Culture and Arts Promotion and Development

January 17, 2022 – Upholding its philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) proactively organizes, supports and participates in a wide range of cultural and arts activities in hopes of enriching Macau’s cultural and arts offerings. Starting from January 18 (tomorrow) to May 15, 2022, GalaxyArt, managed under the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation (“GEG Foundation”), will present “THE ART OF BAMBOO: from Qilin to Contemporary Art” exhibition (“The Art of Bamboo” or “Exhibition”) where exquisite bamboo artworks by Hong Kong artist Mr. Louis To will be featured. The artworks reflect the unique charm of intangible cultural heritage and demonstrate how traditional Chinese culture is embedded in the Macau community. The Exhibition will be open to the public for free, including docent-led guided tours offered daily. As well, GEG Foundation will continue to organize children workshops and seminars, as well as host guided tours for local schools to visit the Exhibition, thereby cultivating young generation’s insights and interests on arts and culture, and fostering the development of the relevant sectors in Macau from various levels and aspects. Amid the new normal of the pandemic, GEG will continue to observe the authorities’ pandemic prevention guidelines and arrangements to ensure public safety.

“The Art of Bamboo” incorporates four sections to show the essence of bamboo artworks, including art pieces of the Chinese mystical animals Qilin and Chiwen, the use of bamboo crafts in the daily lives such as the building of performance stage, the combination of contemporary bamboo crafts and the Western culture, as well as a documentary which gives a glimpse into the art of making of the delicate bamboo artworks. The exhibition aims at injecting new impetus to the intangible Chinese cultural heritage, and encouraging young artists to preserve and inherit the art of bamboo crafts.

As a long-term and non-profit space, GalaxyArt is dedicated to offering fascinating cultural and arts experience, which fully showcases GEG’s attention to the development of culture and arts in Macau. Last year, GalaxyArt launched the “Juxtapose” exhibition as a special exhibition of the 2nd “Art Macao”, which helped enliven the local cultural and arts atmosphere, and was highly recognized by the community.

Over the years, GEG has been proactively supporting the development of culture and arts in Macau, and rolled out different initiatives through its GEG Foundation, including the GEG Arts and Culture Initiative, the GEG Intangible Cultural Heritage Scheme and the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme. In addition, the GEG Foundation and the Grimaldi Forum Monaco signed a cultural memorandum of understanding in 2019, and hosted the exhibition “GRACE KELLY: From Hollywood to Monaco – Artists’ Tributes” during the 1st “Art Macao”. Moving forward, GEG will continue to present more diversified cultural and arts activities, promote the cross-sectoral integration of “tourism + arts” and support Macau’s development of “One Center, One Platform, One Base”.