GEG Launches Family Vaccine Leave and Special Vaccine Leave to Support Team Members and Their Close Families to Get Vaccinated

March 2, 2022 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) continues to proactively support the Macau SAR Government’s pandemic prevention and control measures, and has provided timely and practical assistance to support the related works in the community. To further encourage team members and their families to get vaccinated and help Macau achieve herd immunity, GEG will offer paid Family Vaccine Leave and Special Vaccine Leave for team members.

To support the Macau SAR Government’s call to motivate more teenagers, children and elderly people to get vaccinated, between March 7 and June 30, GEG team members who need to accompany their children under the age of 18 or parents aged 70 or above to receive vaccines at any of the Health Bureau’s vaccination points will be granted one day of Family Vaccine Leave per eligible vaccinated family member on the day of the vaccination so that they can extend their care to their family members. Additionally, GEG team members who receive any dose of vaccine during the aforementioned period can also enjoy a day of leave on the day of, or following the vaccination. As of to date, nearly 95% of GEG team members have been vaccinated.

GEG has held different promotional initiatives aimed at motivating team members to get vaccinated. These included inviting the medical staff of the Health Bureau to host several Vaccine Information Seminars and to set up a vaccination point at Galaxy Macau™ twice. In addition to the launch of Special Vaccine Leave, GEG has also arranged various roadshows at its back-of-house areas, and held over 500 departmental sharing sessions where fully-vaccinated team members shared their vaccine experience with their colleagues.

Meanwhile, since last October, GEG’s Broadway Hotel has also been designated as Macau’s first self-health management hotel for Yellow Code holders who have been identified by the Health Bureau to be in good health condition. As well, last year, GEG also mobilized nearly 200 volunteers to support the city’s second and third mass nucleic acid test (NAT) drives, whereas designated areas inside GEG’s StarWorld Hotel and Broadway Macau™ were also used as free NAT stations during the first mass testing and as self-paid NAT stations during the second mass testing. As a socially responsible corporation, GEG will continue to fully support and comply with the SAR Government’s related preventive measures. GEG would also like to take this opportunity to encourage team members and the public once again to get vaccinated as soon as possible to help minimize the risk of the spread of the virus in the Macau community, as well as ensuring personal and public health.