GEG Supports “2022 World Autism Awareness Day” Campaign to Proactively Promote Social Harmony and Inclusion

April 11, 2022 – Upholding its philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, throughout the years, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been fulfilling its pledge by supporting different social groups through various means and spreading care across the community. To echo the World Autism Awareness Day and promote respect and acceptance for autism in the Macau community, recently, GEG supported the Macau Autism Association (“MAA”) in its inauguration of the “2022 World Autism Awareness Day” Campaign, with its first activity, the fluid painting exhibition cum workshop held on the mezzanine floor of Broadway Macau™. To facilitate community exchanges, GEG also invited members of the GEG Volunteer Team to participate in the workshop with their children, thereby enabling them to deepen their parent-child relationships through arts and to teach by example of what constitutes inclusion and social harmony.

In addition to the 80 fluid paintings created by the MAA members and their families, the exhibition also featured six pieces of artworks co-created by MAA members and GEG volunteers through last year’s inclusive art and handcrafting workshops. During the event, GEG volunteers joined the exhibition to experience the unique artistic talent of people with autism and to take a glimpse into their inner world. Furthermore, GEG volunteers also attended a sharing by Mr. Lam Io Fai, Director General of MAA on the communication skills and experiences with autistic people to better understand them and learn how to engage with them under different situations. Through these activities, GEG hopes to raise volunteers’ awareness and support for autistic people, and advocate the spirit of care and inclusion. Additionally, GEG also arranged volunteers and their children to engage in the fluid painting workshop, during which they created unique artworks with creativity and enjoyed a warm parent-child moment.

Ms. Mok, one of the participating volunteers, said, “I am glad to experience fluid painting with my child and be given this opportunity to further enhance our interaction and family bonding. The activity also helped us learn more about autism and the needs of autistic people, cultivate empathy in our children, and promote a caring culture to the young generation.”

Upholding its corporate citizenship pledge of “Community at Heart, Empathy in Action”, GEG has been joining hands with various local social service organizations to facilitate community exchanges and deliver care through diversified activities. These include inviting families from the MAA and the Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau for a visit of the “Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive Fun Fair – Macau” at Broadway Macau; and inviting members and their parents from MAA and Against Child Abuse (Macau) Association Child Protection Centre for a visit to the “Hello Kitty Hello Again” exhibition at Broadway Macau. Moving forward, GEG will continue to fulfil its corporate social responsibilities and establish a caring network with different sectors to facilitate the sustainable development of the local community.