GEG Incorporates Responsible Gaming in Activities to Promote Family Harmony via a Diversified Approach

April 27, 2022 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recognizes the importance of promoting responsible gaming and proactively organizes related activities for its team members. In line with the Macau SAR Government’s responsible gaming themes, in recent years, GEG has been collaborating with various social services organizations in promoting the significance of responsible gaming for healthy family relationships by incorporating family elements into its responsible gaming activities so that its team members can develop a better understanding on relevant topics, maintain their own wellbeing, and achieve family harmony. Recently, GEG invited the Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home Integrated Services Centre to host a parenting activity for its team members and their children. During the activity, participants learned of financial literacy for children and responsible gaming through a series of parent-child games and interactions that were designed to deliver knowledge through family enjoyment. In addition, GEG also invited the Macau Catholic Advisory Family Council and the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office to co-organize the “Tips for Win-win Family Relationships” Workshop where the causes of stress and stress management tips were shared with its male team members, in hopes of helping them establish the right attitudes to improve their emotional management and family relationships.

This year, GEG continued to collaborate with different social services organizations on launching a series of differentiated activities for families with aims of promoting relevant information to its team members through a fresh approach. During the parenting activity, team members and their children were imparted with knowledge through reading picture books and making handcrafts with recycled materials. Wealth management games were also included to help children differentiate “desire” and “need”, and to cultivate rational consumption behaviors. One of the participants said the activity was interesting and meaningful, and that the interactive session helped improve family bonding and enabled their children to practice financial management and appreciate environmental protection under a joyous environment.

To help its team members maintain healthy physical and mental wellbeing, and work-family balance, GEG also invited social services organizations to organize a stress management workshop for its male team members. Focusing on the different stress triggers that men may face from their family life, workplace and individual, the workshop helped male team members understand the correlation to stress, gambling addiction and family through case study and discussion. The workshop also introduced team members to various stress relief methods aimed at helping them maintain positivity, avoid gambling addiction, and promote family harmony.

As the first integrated resort operator to establish a dedicated Responsible Gaming Team in Macau, GEG has been promoting responsible gaming to its team members and the community by cooperating with related government departments, organizations and groups, including arranging team members to participate in the Responsible Gambling Information Kiosk Briefing and the course for the Certificate in Macau Responsible Gambling Advisor to reinforce their knowledge of Macau SAR Government’s latest policies on responsible gaming. In addition, prior to the Chinese New Year, GEG collaborated with the Youth Volunteers Association of Macao on the launch of the “Stay Rational for Festive Fun” Responsible Gaming Chinese New Year Roadshow in its back-of-house areas to help team members acquire the right work and entertainment attitude and to reinforce their knowledge of the casino exclusion policy. The roadshow attracted over 1,200 team members to participate. GEG also organized the “Relaxation Workshop for Working Women” and “Building Positive Family Relationships Workshop” to strengthen team members’ understanding of the importance of rational gaming for families and individuals. Moving forward, GEG will continue to promote responsible gaming and enrich the physical and mental wellness of its team members.