GEG Co-organizes Mental Health Activities with Richmond Fellowship of Macau to Promote Social Inclusion

June 1, 2022 – Upholding the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) builds a harmonious society by proactively supporting Macau’s charities and community activities through a variety of ways. To give its volunteers a more thorough understanding of the needs of different social groups and help them serve the community better, since 2021, GEG has held a series of workshops and trainings through the GEG Volunteer Team “Empathy in Action Training Program”. Recently, GEG joined hands with Richmond Fellowship of Macau (“RFM”) in co-organizing the “Empathy in Action Volunteer Training Program Mental Health Awareness” (“Lecture”) and the extended outreach activity, “Empathy in Action Volunteer Training Program Live in the Temporary House”, in which GEG volunteers learnt about mental health and visited the Mong Ha Temporary House of RFM to extend care to its service users. Through the activities, GEG hopes to heighten mental health awareness and understanding among team members and the public, inspire positive life attitudes, and promote social harmony.

Ms. Pekkle Ku, Centre-in-charge of the Day Center of RFM, shared with GEG volunteers useful information on mental health, including how to recognize early symptoms of various mental health concerns and professional psychological counseling and support networks available in Macau. Amid the new normal of pandemic prevention and control, different stress triggers that individuals may experience with respect to family, work and interpersonal communication were also discussed, as well as strategies for stress relief and mental wellness. In addition, the lecture also taught GEG volunteers how to offer prompt and appropriate support to those under mental distress.

Furthermore, GEG volunteers also participated in the “Empathy in Action Volunteer Training Program Live in the Temporary House” outreach activity and visited service users of the Mong Ha Temporary House of RFM. During the visit, GEG volunteers gained an in-depth understanding of their daily lives. To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, GEG volunteers also made Chinese rice dumplings with RFM members and delivered them to the service users of the Mong Ha Temporary House as a gesture of community care and festive greetings. The participants spent a warm and joyous afternoon filled with laughter and festive ambiance. Ms. Echo Ng, one of the GEG volunteers who participated in both campaigns, said, “The activities helped us establish a better knowledge of mental health. Through communicating and interacting with service users of the Mong Ha Temporary House, we are more aware of their needs and understand that community care and support are significant for them.”

Throughout the years, GEG has been upholding its corporate citizenship pledge of “Community at Heart, Empathy in Action” and collaborating with various local social services organizations and groups to promote positivity. In the past, GEG has invited members of the Day Center of RFM to create unique paintings using alcohol and ink with GEG volunteers to relieve stress through arts; and invited RFM members to the “Mid-Autumn Fun – ‘Zero to Hero’ Movie Screening and Sharing Session” where they celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together. Additionally, through the “Empathy in Action Training Program”, GEG has also provided a series of trainings and simulation activities to help members of the GEG Volunteer Team nurture their empathy and community engagement, and develop them to become advocates of diversity and inclusion. Moving forward, GEG will continue to make good use of its resources and fulfil its pledge with different sectors.