Company Statement

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has learned that certain illegal online gambling and betting sites have infringed GEG and/or its IR’s names, trademarks and images in an attempt to mislead the public, and disseminate false information allegedly to make the public to wrongfully believe that there are certain fund raising activities named “Hope Primary School” and “African Child Aid” on GEG’s charity platform in partnership with Fuhong Society of Macau established on March 2017.  GEG takes this matter seriously and hereby declares that GEG has never organized nor participated in any one of the aforesaid fund raising activities with Fuhong Society of Macau.  GEG is not in any way responsible for nor connected to any matter relating thereto.

GEG would like to stress that GEG and all of its properties (including Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™ and StarWorld Hotel) have no affiliations with any online gambling and betting sites, nor have GEG directly or indirectly authorized any websites and/or related companies to carry out any form of online gambling and betting activities for and on behalf of us. 

GEG noted that Fuhong Society of Macau has already clarified this matter.  Should any member of the public suspect of any fake and illegal gambling and betting websites, and/or being cheated or approached by any suspicious persons claiming to be in any way connected with GEG relating to such fake and illegal gambling and betting websites, we urge you to report to the police immediately. GEG should not be responsible for any losses or damages that may result from any individual or entity’s access to and/or use of fake websites. GEG reserves all its rights and remedies to take legal actions in this matter.