GEG Invites Local Students to Experience “Summer Love” Art Exhibition to Facilitate Community Exchanges in Arts

June 14, 2023 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is dedicated to enhancing artistic and cultural experiences in Macau. As part of this commitment, GEG continually organizes, supports and participates in diverse arts and cultural events and related community exchanges, in hopes of broadening the community’s artistic horizons. The GalaxyArt at Galaxy Macau™ is presenting the “Artists-in-Residence: Summer Love - Live Mural Painting and Exhibition.” The event features five resident artists from Hong Kong and Macau collaborating on a 50-meter mural inspired by the theme of Summer Love. Over the course of six-weeks, each artist painted a 10-meter section of the mural at the GalaxyArt while the public observed. The innovative exhibition displays the works officially upon completion and brings together artistic inspiration and creativity, aiming to enrich the arts and cultural connections within the community. To encourage greater appreciation and knowledge of art and culture among Macau’s youth, GalaxyArt has hosted a range of initiatives, including art workshops, artist dialogues, parent-child workshops, and over 30 other art activities and docent-led guided tours for more than 600 students and teachers from local primary and secondary schools and universities, to strengthen their artistic and cultural literacy and nurture their potential in related fields.

During the live-art event, GEG invited more than ten local students through the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office to participate in one of the art workshops. The participants worked alongside resident artist and Hong Kong illustrator Kristopher Ho, together creating a unique painting with their creativity and imagination while enjoying an interesting art jamming experience. Che I Ieng, a form-five student who participated in the activity, said, “Through the exhibition tour organized by GEG, I am able to explore a variety of artistic forms, discover the innovative insights of artists from various backgrounds and enhance my understanding of the discipline in general. Additionally, I am given the opportunity to take part in related workshops and enjoy the fun of art creation, which has been a truly valuable and advantageous experience for me.”

GEG also invited 30 master’s students from the University of Macau’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities to engage in an on-site discussion with the resident artist, where the students raised questions proactively in a dynamic and pleasant ambience. This interaction allowed the students to deepen their understanding of the artist’s inspiration, concepts, and processes, to enhance their interest and art appreciation abilities, while also fostering dialogue about the current status and future prospects of the creative industry. In addition to offering free public access and guided tours, GalaxyArt hosted parent-child workshops, which helped parents and children to create unique art pieces and enjoy the pleasure of artistic creation in a summer setting, in hopes of elevating the arts and cultural dynamics in the community.

Over the years, GEG remains committed to its philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community.” Through various initiatives, GEG has been actively supporting the sustainable development of Macau’s arts and culture industry, connecting the local community with diverse arts and cultural experiences. Participation from various organizations have been invited to visit exhibitions at GalaxyArt, such as “Juxtapose,” “THE ART OF BAMBOO: from Qilin to Contemporary Art” and “5 a.m.,” as well as to participate in the related extended activities. In addition, through its “GEG Venue Partnership Pilot Program,” GEG provides dedicated support and technical assistance to social services organizations for hosting a variety of cultural and arts events at Broadway Macau™, providing numerous performance and exchange opportunities. Moving forward, GEG will continue to introduce more engaging cultural and arts activities, supporting Macau in strengthening its position as the “Base for Exchange and Cooperation where Chinese Culture is the Mainstream and Diverse Cultures Coexist.”