GEG Supports the Cultivation of Local MICE Talents Through Multi-Pronged Approaches to Drive Forward the “1+4” Adequate Diversification Development Strategy

July 18, 2023 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been fully supportive to the Macau SAR Government’s policy of “Building Macau through Talent Training” by making good use of its resources to nurture outstanding local talents. With its newly-developed exhibition and entertainment facilities, in addition to introducing and hosting different types of MICE events to Macau, GEG also proactively supports the cultivation of MICE talents and the holistic development of the MICE industry through multi-pronged approaches, in hopes of driving forward the “1+4” adequate diversification development strategy. Marking its 4th consecutive year of supporting the Internship Career Experience Program organized by the Labor Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”) of the Macau SAR Government, this year GEG launches the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program (“U-LEAD”) and incorporates new MICE opportunities on the original basis to provide a broader internship platform for local high potentials. Meanwhile, GEG also arranged MICE facilities’ guided tours for nearly 50 lecturers and students of the “Vocational Training Program with Subsidy – 12th Edition of MICE Assistant Training Course” (“Vocational MICE Training Program with Subsidy”) that was jointly organized by DSAL and the School of Liberal Arts of Macau University of Science and Technology, thereby enriching participants’ MICE knowledge and contributing to the talent reserve of Macau’s MICE industry.

Recently, GEG organized U-LEAD Open Day and Career Day for fresh graduates from local tertiary education institutions to enhance their interests and knowledge of the MICE industry, whilst deepening their understanding of GEG’s MICE development. During the U-LEAD Open Day, graduates broadened their horizons by taking a meticulously planned route to visit GEG’s new convention and exhibition venues and facilities, including the Galaxy International Convention Center (“GICC”), Asia’s most iconic and advanced MICE destination with a total MICE space of 40,000 square meters, the 16,000-seat Galaxy Arena, and a range of other hardware and software support and equipment. To help the participants understand the daily operations and functions of GEG’s MICE departments as well as GICC’s latest development and opportunities it offers, GEG’s MICE team members shared their professional knowledge and work experience, whilst representatives from the Recruitment Team of GEG’s Human Resources Department introduced the U-LEAD program and GEG’s business development to the participants, in hopes of encouraging them to seize the opportunity to join the MICE industry, give full play to their strengths and expand room for future career development.

In addition, GEG also arranged lecturers and students of the Vocational MICE Training Program with Subsidy to visit a number of GEG’s newly-developed MICE and entertainment facilities and learnt of its MICE operations, including events planning, management and execution, to integrate their theories learnt from the program into practice to enhance their MICE-related knowledge. Besides, GEG’s MICE team members also share with participants the industry prospects and potentials, whilst Human Resources team members introduced GEG’s development and provided job matching related information to help them explore career opportunities in related fields.

Upholding its corporate philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, over the years, GEG has been proactively supporting Macau on cultivating talents of different fields, including launching the GEG Internship Program for 15 consecutive years since 2008 to provide professional and diversified internship opportunities for local youths. GEG also supports Macau in nurturing elites for the integrated resort industry via its offering of various career development and training schemes, including the GEG Leaders Program, GEG Management Skills Program, GEG Accelerated Development Program, and GEG-MPI Gaming Position Certification, etc. Moving forward, GEG will continue to promote local talent cultivation and support Macau’s development as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure.”