GEG Organizes Basketball Training for Richmond Fellowship of Macau; Teaming Up to Join the “Yao Foundation Charity Game Basketball Carnival” Friendly Match

September 12, 2023Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been proactively supporting different major sports events in Macau and facilitating community engagement through multi-pronged approaches over the years. Co-organized and title sponsored by GEG, the Galaxy Entertainment Group 2023 the 11th Yao Foundation Charity Game (“Yao Foundation Charity Game”) and a series of extended activities will be held in Macau from September 16 to 17. As one of the flagship extended activities, the Galaxy Entertainment Group 2023 the 11th Yao Foundation Charity Game Basketball Carnival (“Basketball Carnival”) will take place at the Macau University of Science and Technology Gymnasium on September 17 for registered public audiences. Featuring three friendly matches and various fun-filled game booths, GEG has arranged its Basketball Team members to join the Richmond Fellowship of Macau (“ARFM”) Basketball Team for one of the friendly matches during the Basketball Carnival. Recently, GEG organized a basketball training session to help both teams prepare for the match through tailor-made training program, whilst building friendship and team spirit, thereby promoting an inclusive culture.

At the training session, GEG Basketball Team members designed a series of trainings for ARFM Basketball Team members, and joined them for the warm up exercises, practices of basic basketball skills ranging from dribbling, passing, shooting and defending, etc., and the game drill. Both teams have a positive interaction with each other in hopes of improving their skills and teamwork, and achieving outstanding performance at the upcoming friendly match. Apart from skills and fitness trainings, the participants also shared with each other their basketball insights and experiences in a joyful setting, thereby helping ARFM Basketball Team members strengthening their communication skills, confidence and building friendship.

To further connect the community with sports, GEG will engage different social groups in the excitement of the Yao Foundation Charity Game and its series of extended activities, with an aim of raising public awareness on sports and charity causes. In particular, GEG will invite a total of 50 members of the children basketball class of the Women’s General Association of Macau and members of ARFM to join the Basketball Carnival to appreciate the spectacular performances of the renowned Mainland China and overseas basketball stars, and to interact with them, hoping to broaden the participants’ horizons and to create for them a memorable basketball experience.

Over the years, GEG has been staying true to its philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community” by supporting Macau’s hosting of different sports events and deepening community involvement through various initiatives. In this April, GEG invited local youths and various organizations to watch the WTT Macao Championship 2023 presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group and to interact with the world’s top-ranked table tennis players in celebration of the “World Table Tennis Day”. Furthermore, GEG also launched the “Run with a Partner” Training Program since 2021 for members from the GEG Runner’s Club and Macau Special Olympics to engage in regular marathon training and get better prepared for the annual Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon. Moving forward, GEG will continue to promote and support local sports development and help build a healthy and harmonious community.