GEG Jointly Organizes the “Behind the Scenes of Star Cuisine” Workshop Series with MGTO and IAM to Deepen Food Safety Knowledge of the Local Catering Industry and Team Members

March 21, 2024 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) actively supports the Macau SAR Government in promoting the cross-sectoral integration of “tourism + gastronomy”, and organizes different industry exchange activities to enrich Macau’s reputation as a Creative City of Gastronomy. Jointly organized by GEG, the Macao Government Tourism Office (“MGTO”) and the Municipal Affairs Bureau (“IAM”) of the Macau SAR Government, the “Behind the Scenes of Star Cuisine” workshop series was kicked off today. Consisting of three modules, including thematic sharing, seminars and field trips, that will be held across three quarters, the workshop series aims to enhance the food hygiene and safety knowledge and practices of local tourism and F&B industry practitioners and related GEG team members, as well as strengthen the synergetic collaboration between the tourism and F&B industries. Today, the launch ceremony and the first module event of the workshop series was held at the Galaxy International Convention Center (“GICC”), attracting over 400 representatives from the local tourism and catering industry, and GEG team members from various operation departments.

The ceremony was officiated by Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of MGTO; Mr. Cheong Kuai Tat, Head of the Department of Food Safety of IAM; and Ms. Eileen Lui, Group Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG. In her speech, Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes said, “As visitor arrivals are on track for significant recovery, the related sectors meet new challenges as well. Catering businesses have to ensure great quality of their food and services as they serve more customers. Through the ‘Behind the Scenes of Star Cuisine’ Workshop Series, catering employees have a chance to learn more about the standards and practices of food safety, which promotes enhancement of service quality in the sector and brands Macau as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.”

Mr. Cheong Kuai Tat said in his speech, “Food safety is a global concern that relies on the collective efforts of governments, industries, and the public. It is our great honor to co-organize this event with MGTO and GEG. Through interactive exchanges and sharing of experiences, we aim to enhance the establishment of networks for food safety, foster mutual understanding, and promote the continuous improvement of food safety standards in Macau. By doing so, we hope to bring shared development and cooperation that can benefit all.”

In her speech, Ms. Eileen Lui said, “GEG has always been committed to upholding food safety and management. We provide our team members with diverse training opportunities and activities to enhance their skills. The workshop series serves as a valuable platform for team members and the industry to engage in exchange and mutual learning. I believe that they will inspire each other to pursue higher standards in food safety practices and facilitate the sustainable development of the industry.”

The first module of the workshop series focused on food safety protocols and kitchen hygiene awareness. Ms. Zoey Lei, representative from the Division of Risk Communication of Department of Food Safety of IAM, provided participants with an overview of the relevant legislations and regulations pertaining to food safety and hygiene standards in Macau. Afterwards, Mr. Philip Choi, President of Macau Food Safety Management Association; Ms. Vinita Chan, Lecturer of Macau Institute for Tourism Studies; and Ms. Julie Wong, Executive Manager of Quality Assurance of GEG, shared their management experiences in food safety, discussed best practices, and the importance of creating a culture for food safety. During the discussion, Ms. Julie Wong also highlighted the food management system, food handling protocols, and food ingredients and environmental hygiene standards implemented by GEG’s various F&B departments to help participants understand the significance of high food safety standards for F&B operations.

The second and third modules of the workshop series will be held in the second and third quarters of this year, respectively, at Galaxy Macau™ and GICC. The second module will include on-site inspections and provide participants with insights into GEG’s central kitchen’s batch production, raw material handling and packaging processes so that the industry can better understand the food safety standards and requirements of F&B operations of large-scale integrated resorts. The third module, on the other hand, will focus on ingredient and supplier selection, delivery and receiving procedures, supply security and quality maintenance through a thematic sharing session with the industry. In the past, GEG has jointly organized the Celebrity Chef Workshops with MGTO and the Food Safety and Hygiene Seminar with IAM. Furthermore, GEG has also utilized its resources to provide training for its supplier partners by arranging the GEG SME Series: Food Safety Workshop and other activities to support the sustainable development of the industry through practical actions. Moving forward, GEG will continue to actively participate in and support the industry’s related exchange activities and strengthen Macau’s profile as a safe, healthy and quality destination.