“100 Days to Paris” Ceremony Held at Galaxy Macau’s Outdoor Lawn to Welcome the Quadrennial World-Class Sports Event

April 17, 2024 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been proactively supporting, participating in, and organizing various international sport events in Macau to promote the cross-sectoral integration of “tourism + sports” and contribute to Macau’s development as a “City of Sports”. In conjunction with the ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cup Macao 2024 Presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group, which has been taking place at the Galaxy Arena since this Monday, the event organizers hosted a “100 Days to Paris” ceremony at the outdoor lawn at Galaxy Macau™ this afternoon to welcome the upcoming Olympic Games and further enhance Macau’s vibrant sports atmosphere.

The countdown ceremony was inaugurated by Ms. Petra Sörling, ITTF President and Member of IOC; Mr. Liu Guoliang, WTT Board Chair, ITTF Deputy President and CTTA President; Mr. Steve Dainton, ITTF Group Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Raul Calin, ITTF Secretary General; Mr. Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau of the Macau SAR Government; Mr. Ma Long and Ms. Chen Meng, the 2020 Olympic Table Tennis Champions and participants in the 2024 ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cup ; and Mr. Philip Cheng, Director of GEG. The attending guests shared their anticipation for the Paris Olympic Games and their unforgettable moments from previous Games.

Mr. Ma Long, a table tennis legend with five Olympic gold medals and the first player to defend the men’s singles title, shared his thoughts on the Olympic Games. He said, “I am deeply honoured and fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Olympics, which is the ultimate dream for every athlete. Since childhood, I have longed to stand atop the Olympic podium and win a gold medal. Now, my dream has become a reality. The Olympic Games has always been an inspiration, pushing me forward in pursuit of excellence.”

Ms. Chen Meng, the champion of the women’s singles and women’s team at the Tokyo Olympics, reflected on her Olympic journey. She said, “Winning the Olympic gold medals feels like a dream come true. I really hope to do it again. The quadrennial Olympic Games hold immeasurable value for all athletes, and we all hope to bring out the best versions of ourselves on this grand stage.”

Ms. Petra Sörling said, “I really look forward to the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the participation of these exceptional champions. Table tennis holds a vital role within the Olympic Games and enjoys tremendous popularity in France. I believe that during the Games, a lot of spectators in Paris will join us to watch the table tennis matches and cheer for these Olympic champions.”

Mr. Liu Guoliang, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games champion and a respected coach for various Olympic champions, shared his profound memories of the Olympics. He said, “the Olympic Games is the ultimate stage where athletes can realize their sporting dreams. Despite its fierce and intense competitions, the Games leave an ingrained mark that stays with us forever.”

Mr. Steve Dainton said, “100 days may seem far away, but time flies. We have several crucial ITTF and WTT tournaments lined up before the Paris 2024 Olympics. These tournaments are instrumental for players to earn world ranking points and secure their spots for the Games. I am thrilled as well as excited by these qualification tournaments, and believe this to be a very promising year for table tennis.”

Mr. Raul Calin said, “The table tennis qualification tournaments for the Paris Olympics Games are progressing smoothly and we are excited to welcome the upcoming Paris Olympics.” After the sharing session, Mr. Ma Long and Ms. Chen Meng, along with other guests, inaugurated the countdown to the Paris Olympic Games, unveiling the “100” installation composed of table tennis balls and further elevating the ceremony’s sports atmosphere.

In addition, with the support of other organizers, GEG has hosted a range of exciting side events to promote the synergy of “tourism + sports” and enhance sports-related exchanges in the community. These events include inviting members of various Macau social organizations to watch the matches on site, organizing autograph sessions at the East Square of Galaxy Macau, and launching dining discounts and on-site lucky draws to give away prizes such as GEG’s hotel accommodations, dining and Galaxy Macau shopping vouchers, etc. These efforts aim to engage sports enthusiasts from around the world in the dynamic ambience of the ITTF event.

The week-long ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cup is one of the three premier table tennis events in the world. It brings together 96 of the world’s finest table tennis players to compete for the men’s and women’s singles championship. This tournament is also the first top-class international table tennis event held at the Galaxy Arena, whose world-class facilities has been widely recognized by ITTF leaders. The event has received enthusiastic response since the public sale of tickets, igniting a table tennis frenzy in Macau. Tickets for the semi-finals and finals were sold out shortly, demonstrating the event’s attractiveness and Macau’s appeal as a “City of Sports”.