Blood Donation Day

Jan 13, 2008

The staff of StarWorld Hotel & Casino and Galaxy Entertainment Group answered the call of the “Macau Rotary Blood Donation Day 2008” by helping to assure an adequate emergency supply of rhesus-negative blood types in Macau’s blood bank. Mr. David Banks, Group COO, and Mr. Ciaran Carruthers, COO of StarWorld, together with other members of the managements also joined their staff in making a meaningful charitable start to the New Year.

Actively participating in charitable causes, StarWorld grows in harmony with Macau society and economy

StarWorld is determined to contribute to the overall development of Macau, and also to the overall improvement of society and people’s livelihood in general. The campaign to collect donations of more rhesus-negative blood types deserves a great deal of support, especially from Europeans. As there are quite a few Europeans and Americans on the StarWorld staff, we saw an opportunity where we could do something concrete to help.

Quick to support call for generosity to charity, StarWorld continues to contribute to the well-being of the community

As the Macau economy continues to grow and more foreign companies set up their bases here, more overseas residents are arriving and, with them, an increased demand for the Rh-negative blood types more prevalent among Europeans and Americans. The campaign’s aim is to encourage more of them living in Macau to donate blood and contribute to the emergency blood supply. With its many international staff, Galaxy and StarWorld were invited to take part in this meaningful community exercise and its staff responded promptly to the call and with tremendous enthusiasm. The hotel will continue to fulfill its responsibility as a socially responsible and caring corporation and actively pursue different means of helping worthy charities.