Galaxy Entertainment Group Names ‘Employees of the Month’ for Quarter 4 of 2007 Recognises Outstanding Performance by Employees

February 5, 2008

Galaxy Entertainment Group („Galaxy‟) has announced its 48 „Employees of the Month‟ for the last quarter of 2007. Valuing its people as its most precious asset and essential to the success of its business, Galaxy has instituted an „Employees of the Month‟ („EOM‟) programme covering its flagship StarWorld Hotel & Casino and the casinos at its four City Clubs. An award presentation ceremony was held recently, during which the outstanding performance of the 48 EOMs working for Galaxy was duly recognised.

Outstanding employees thank supervisors and co-workers for support
The 48 employees from StarWorld Hotel & Casino, Waldo Casino, Rio Casino, Grand Waldo Casino and President Casino stood out among the near 10,000-strong Galaxy workforce for their professional knowledge, customer service capabilities, team spirit, communication skills, working capability and attendance record. The EOMs for the last quarter are:

StarWorld Hotel & Casino,
Lei Kun Man, Cage Supervisor,
Sou Kin Hong, Pit Supervisor;
Lei Sio Long, Electronic Games Attendant;
Chio Sio Ha, Dealer;
Wong Fook Keong, Front Office Duty Manager;
Wong Weng Kei, Front Desk Team Leader;
Fong Chon Sang, Engineering Foreman;
Cai Hui Mei, Food & Beverage – Service Agent;

Tan Lai Sim, Pit Supervisor;
Imelda Palomares Farne, Pit Supervisor;
Chao Ka Weng, Surveillance - Operator;
Nip Chi Seng, Cage Cashier;
Leong Peng Tong, Staff Restaurant - Chef de Partie;
Christopher Dhae David Tanhueco , Concierge Bell Attendant;
Chu Chi Keong, Public Area Attendant;

Lei Kun Man, Cage Supervisor;
Tan Kian Giap, Pit Supervisor; Leong Sio Peng, Surveillance - Senior Operator;
Wan Pou Wai, Cage Cashier;
Ku Kun Iao, Catering Support Attendant;
So Ka Lung, Housekeeping – Team Leader;
Lao Chong Man, Assistant Reception Manager;
Chen Fei Hua, Food & Beverage – VIP Captain.

Waldo Casino
October:Leong Chi Un, Security Guard; Chan Mun Tong, Pit Supervisor;
November:Hong Ngam, Dealer; Sit Ioi San, Pit Supervisor;
December:Wong Choi Hong, Dealer; Adhikari Gop Badadur, Security Guard.

Rio Casino
October:Tang Si Wek, Surveillance Supervisor, Choi Cheng Po, Dealer;
November:Lam Kam Fu, Pit Supervisor; Chan Sok Wan, Surveillance Supervisor.
December:Leong Wai Yin, Dealer Inspector; Tou Ieok Wa, Dealer

President Casino
October:Thamrin Suwardi, Pit Supervisor; Lam Fong Kun, Cashier;
November:Leong Wai Chan, Dealer; Wong Yat Tao, Dealer Inspector;
December:Wu Sang Lan, Security Guard; Kusnadi, Pit Supervisor.

Grand Waldo Casino
October:Pang Wai Hei, Cashier; Koo Kan Iao, Dealer;
November:Pang In Keng, Cashier; Leong Un Mang, Pit Supervisor;
December:Ma Choi San, Security coordinator;San Diego Eric Landero, Pit Supervisor.

EOMs share their thoughts and winner’s pride in nominators
The 48 employees were nominated for the awards especially for taking the initiative in delivering their duties while showering customers with meticulous care and attention. One of the winners, Chan Mun Tong, Pit Supervisor of the slot game hall at Galaxy Waldo, said, “I was delighted when they told me I had made „Employee of the Month‟. It means my efforts at work really are appreciated and recognized. It has been very pleasant for me working for Waldo Casino and as a team with my supervisors and colleagues. We share our experiences at work and often have a good laugh during our breaks.”

Hong Ngam, Dealer at Waldo Casino, was also excited about receiving the honour. She said, “The most satisfying experience I had was being commended by customers for taking the initiative in serving them. I also try to lend a hand in other departments if required, as I believe that I can prove my worth by doing my job to the best of my ability.”

Mr. David Banks, Group Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group, said, “Through fair appraisal of employee performance, we are able to recognise the work contribution of individual staff members, assess work-related feedback and help them improve their work standards. Since the „Employees of Month‟ programme was launched, we have seen continuous improvement in staff performance. It is our hope that our employees will understand that their hard work really is valued by the Group and will be recognised through this key programme.”

Following the „Employees of the Month‟ announcement, the Group will name the „Employee of the Year 2007‟ very soon. The winner will be selected by a judging panel drawn from among „Employee of the Month‟ over the past year.