Galaxy Entertainment Group Donates MOP 1.2 million to Macau Red Cross to Help the Snowstorm Recovery Works in Mainland China

March 18, 2008

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) announces today a donation of MOP1.2 million to Macau Red Cross to assist the snowstorm recovery works on the Mainland.

Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, represents the company this afternoon to present a cheque of MOP1.2 million in person to Mr. Eddie Wong, President of Central Council of Macau Red Cross.

Mr. Lui said, “The Chinese snowstorm in January has brought severe damages to many provinces in Mainland China resulting to a serious agricultural loss. This snowstorm affected more than 17 million people, destroying more than 2 million houses, whereby more than 1.6 million people await to have their homes restored.”

“Everyone in Galaxy Entertainment Group has been very concerned about the damages that it has brought to our people in Mainland China. We have been closely monitoring the situation and thinking about how we could help,” said Mr. Lui.

“During the latest Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing, I have had a chance to discuss with the Macau Red Cross Central Council President Mr. Eddie Wong about the severe damages that the latest snowstorm has brought to the Mainland. I understand that even though the snowstorm situation has stabilized, there are critical challenges facing the recovery works, particularly in Hunan, Guizhou and Jiangxi provinces where there is an urgent need for external assistance for recovery works. As a Chinese, it makes me feel very sad and heartbroken to see my fellow compatriots suffering from this natural disaster. As such, I immediately proposed to Mr. Wong that Galaxy would be pleased to make a contribution to assist for an early recovery.”

Mr. Lui added, “Macau Red Cross has been doing a great job in mobilizing the Macau community to contribute to the recovery work. Galaxy Entertainment Group is impressed by its effort and achievements. We are confident that our donation through Macau Red Cross will achieve a desirable effect,”

“Today, I would like to donate MOP1.2 million to Macau Red Cross on behalf of Galaxy Entertainment Group. This donation also represents the regards of every staff in Galaxy Entertainment Group. I trust that this donation will be delivered to the affected areas as soon as possible for immediate assistance,” said Mr. Lui.

Mr. Eddie Wong said, “This snowstorm destroyed many houses, schools and health stations in the affected regions in Mainland. The recovery works of these regions are facing severe challenges. I therefore call upon the community to continue to contribute and support the recovery works.”

Mr. David Banks, GEG Group Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Alice Chiang Sao Ming, Vice President of Central Council, Mr. Philip Chou Kuok Hei, President of Directive Council, Mr. Quin Va, Voluntary Treasurer and Vice President of Directive Council of Macau Red Cross, Mr. Joao Manuel Ambrósio, member and Voluntary Secretary of Central Council and Mr. Lau Veng Lin, member of Central Council of Macau Red Cross also attend this cheque presentation ceremony.