"2007 Employee of the Year Award Presentation Ceremony"

June 26, 2008

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“Galaxy”) hosts the “2007 Employee of the Year Award Presentation Ceremony” today at the StarWorld Hotel to celebrate the excellent achievements of its employees and to award the “Employee of the Year” of Galaxy’s six properties.

The six employees selected were: StarWorld Hotel, StarWorld Casino, Grand Waldo Casino, President Casino, Rio Casino and Waldo Casino; and were presented with Galaxy’s “Employee of the Year” awards for their outstanding performances. The awardees demonstrate great capabilities for exceptional performances and exemplify the best traits of Galaxy’s employees.

The awardees include a good mix of frontline and operational staff:
Cheang Hing Pang, Duty Engineer of Engineering, StarWorld Hotel
Leong King Leng, Supervisor of Electronic Games, StarWorld Casino
Fong Kuo Man, Senior Supervisor of Surveillance, Grand Waldo Casino
Lam Fong Kun, Cashier of Cage, President Casino
Zhung Weilin, Supervisor of Electronic Games, Rio Casino
Wong Tan Moi, Dealer Inspector of Table Games, Waldo Casino

Among them, Fong Kuo Man, was chosen by this year’s selection committee as the “Group Employee of the Year” for being the key success of installing the surveillance systems of Grand Waldo Casino and other properties and maintaining to run accordingly. The “Employees of the Year” are each rewarded a certificate of appreciation, a pin, as well as a trip for two to Malaysia while Fong Kuo Man is rewarded a trip for two to Las Vegas.

Galaxy believes that investing in its employees and helping them achieve personal growth is important for retaining talents. Mr. David Banks, Group Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group, said, “At Galaxy, we believe that employees are our biggest asset. The performance of our staff is critical in delivering outstanding customer service and growth of our organization. We are in a business that requires our employees to work around-the-clock, we need a strong team of well-trained employees that are capable of delivering exceptional service 24-hour per day, 365 days per year ….. We never stop!”

“The Employee of the Year Award is organized to show the Group’s appreciation and commitment to our best performers. At Galaxy, we offer a challenging and rewarding working environment which provides our employees with the opportunity to inspire and make a difference,” Mr. Banks added. “This year, the recipients of the Employee of the Year Award will travel to Malaysia and Las Vegas for an opportunity to experience the gaming operations and hospitality services in those countries. By providing the award recipients the opportunity to broaden their perspectives, we hope to inspire them to bring new creativity to Galaxy and at the same time achieve personal growth.”

Fong Kuo Man, 2007 Group Employee of the Year Award recipient, said, “I am honored to be presented the Group Employee of the Year Award. The award means a great deal to me and I am thankful to the supervisors who have nominated me and the selection committee who has endorsed me. Galaxy is a great employer and I am grateful to work here because the company cares about my career and provides promotional opportunity to me and rewards me for my efforts.”

The nominees to the “Employee of the Year” award were drawn from the winners’ list among the year’s “Employees of the Month”. To be considered for nominations, individuals are to possess the highest standard of customer service, technical skills and knowledge, professional attributes, team work and attendance.