Galaxy Entertainment Group supports the World Wide Fund's Earth Hour 2009 initiative

March 27, 2009

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) fully supports the World Wide Fund’s (“WWF”) Earth Hour 2009 initiative. All inessential lights on the building exteriors of GEG’s flagship StarWorld Hotel & Casino and four Galaxy CityClub Casinos at Waldo, Grand Waldo, Rio, and President, will be switched off for one hour between 8:30pm to 9:30pm on March 28.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG is fully committed to promoting environmental protection and awareness. In the past, GEG has shown our support locally to the Macau SAR Office for the Development of the Energy Sector by switching off all inessential lights at our properties at the annual “Energy Conservation Week”. This year, in response to the WWF’s call for international support on climate change, our Group will join global participants in WWF’s Earth Hour 2009 initiative,” said Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Aside from participating in the annual “Energy Conservation Week” activities organized by the Macau SAR Office for the Development of the Energy Sector and WWF’s Earth Hour initiative, GEG has an internal guideline for energy preservation. To promote staff awareness on environment protection, GEG encourages its staff to maintain office air conditioning temperatures at 25° Celsius. In addition, the Group also encourages staffs to conserve energy by switching off all electrical equipments, lights and air conditioning upon leaving meeting rooms and work stations. GEG believes that by encouraging staffs to take action, the Group can cultivate their habits to conserve energy and thus, foster a culture of environmental awareness, energy conservation, and appreciation for earths’ shared resources.