Elderly home visit - the Centro de Dia da Residência D. Julieta Nobre de Carvalho

April 18, 2009

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is committed to support the sustainable growth of Macau and the community, especially to those with needs. Established by GEG employees, volunteers from the GEG Staff Social Club visited the senior residents of the Centro de Dia da Residência D. Julieta Nobre de Carvalho today. The volunteers shared a cheerful weekend with the single-living seniors. They greeted the seniors with warm blessings, the distribution of hand-made “Caring Cookies” and participation in interactive games.

The volunteers included members of staff from various GEG departments, including senior executives and frontline staff. On behalf of the volunteers, Mr. Ciarán Carruthers, Chief Operating Officer, StarWorld Hotel and Casino said, “The seniors have devoted most of their lives to the society, and now in their golden years, it is time for the society to return our respect and care to them. We greatly support the work that the Centro de Dia da Residência D. Julieta Nobre de Carvalho has done, and are extremely thankful of the exceptional services that the center provides to the single-living elderly. Our GEG volunteers are pleased to share our helping hand in caring for these seniors.”

Prior to visiting the seniors, the GEG volunteers attended a cookie-making workshop baked many delicious low-fat and low-sugar cookies. Mr. Steve Wolstenholme, Chief Operating Officer, Galaxy Macau Resort said, “These hand-made cookies are not simply gifts to the seniors, they also carry our individual blessings and warm regards. Besides, we organized this event not only because we wanted to contribute to the community, but our volunteers are here today because they want to learn more about themselves. These volunteering activities have great meaning to our volunteers and they offer a real learning process. Through volunteering, volunteers get to learn more about the people who have greater needs and learn how to appreciate themselves. At GEG, we fully appreciate our volunteers’ dedication of their free time to participate in these good causes.”

During the visit, the GEG Staff Social Club volunteer team joined the seniors in accomplishing two interactive games, “Building Blocks” and “Planting”, which echoes the volunteers’ longevity and good health blessings to the seniors. Miss Iun Wai Heng, Center-In-Charge of Centro de Dia da Residência D. Julieta Nobre de Carvalho, said, “The seniors feel so happy about today’s visit. The interactive games and the chatting are new elements to the lives of the single-living elderly. The center very much welcomes this visit organized by GEG Staff Social Club.”

The center was filled with immense joy and vitality. GEG volunteers shared a remarkable afternoon with the seniors. “It gives us a great feeling to see the satisfaction on the seniors’ smiling faces, and this is what makes volunteering pleasurable and rewarding,” said Miss. Trancy Koh, Vice Chairman, Galaxy Staff Social Club, who has participated in a number of previous volunteering activities.