International Challenge Day 2009

May 27, 2009

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“Galaxy”) fully supports the “2009 International Challenge Day”. This morning, 100 Galaxy employees joined senior management executives including, Mr. Ciaran Carruthers, Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel and Casino and Mr. Steven Wolstenholme, Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Macau in morning exercises. Led by representatives from the Macau Sport Development Board, Galaxy’s employees completed the 15 minutes exercises at the Galaxy Macau Resort Site. In addition, Galaxy also encouraged all its other employees to support the international challenge day by exercising, wherever possible, 15 minutes today. Galaxy trusts that participating in this meaningful international challenge will help promote Galaxy’s team spirit to its employees as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The unstable weather conditions added difficulties to this morning’s exercise challenge. Mr. Ciaran Carruthers, Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel and Casino said, “We were prepared to hand out our StarWorld Hotel umbrellas to employee participants. But luckily, it stopped raining shortly after we began the exercise challenge and sunny weather was with us throughout. With regards to sports activities, Galaxy has always encouraged our employees to exercise regularly, and maintaining 15 minutes a day exercise regime can help employees establish a good health-life balance. Our employees were very enthusiastic in joining this international challenge. I truly believe that our entire Galaxy family is fully supportive of this international challenge and that they fully value Galaxy’s team spirit and the importance of exercising. I am confident that all our Macau citizens will win over two competing cities – Varna and Jerusalem.”