Galaxy Entertainment Group Proactively Promotes Responsible Gaming

November 26, 2009

As a major gaming operator in Macau, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“Galaxy”) has kept the bar high on corporate social responsibility. Wholly supportive of the Macau SAR Government’s drive to prevent and minimize gambling-related harm, Galaxy actively promotes responsible gaming through ongoing efforts to raise awareness and create a culture of responsibility.

Contributing to the sustainable growth of a healthy gaming industry, Galaxy recognizes the need to take on a long-term perspective and begins by reaching out to its employees and educating them to the risks of problem gambling. In addition, to assist employees in establishing the right gambling attitude, Galaxy also offers a 24-hour Responsible Gaming Hotline so that employees can obtain private and confidential counselling and support services provided by external professionals. .

“Responsible gaming was widely unspoken of until recent years. Yet, with the tremendous growth that the industry has experienced, there’s undoubtedly a need to address the issue of problem gambling. As a good corporate citizen, we feel obliged to promote a healthier gaming culture. With the support of the ISCG in providing valuable feedback and assistance on focus group research, we developed a new responsible gaming logo that spells out the essence of responsible gaming: Green to “play” when gambling is fun, yellow to “pause” when behaviour starts to change, and red to “stop” when you loss control,” said Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group.

The new responsible gaming logo appears on Galaxy’s newly revised responsible gaming collaterals. Written in three languages, Portuguese, Chinese and English, the responsible gaming posters and brochures can be found at the entry points and back-of-house areas of all five casinos under Galaxy so that customers and employees alike, can conveniently obtain information on problem gambling detection, self-exclusion procedures and other free support services offered by the Macau Government and other non-government organizations.

Dr. Davis Fong, Director of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming of University of Macau, welcomes Galaxy’s contribution in promoting responsible gaming in Macau and shows great appreciation for Galaxy’s design of a highly sophisticated but easy to understand responsible gaming logo. He said, “The logo is closely linked to our daily life, like recording machines, traffic lights. I believe people find it easy to understand and apply the meaning of the logo to their gambling activities.