Galaxy Entertainment Group Holds Launching Ceremony for Five Exceptional Galaxy Dragon Boat Teams Competing in the 2010 Macau International Dragon Boat Races

May 31, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always been supportive of Macau’s sports development. Recognizing employees as family members, GEG supports its members in reaching personal growth. Showing immense peer support, GEG members gathered at Nam Van Lake last Saturday for the launching ceremony of the five GEG Dragon Boat Teams, “Galaxy Glamour”, “Galaxy Universe”, “Galaxy Stars”, “Galaxy Phoenix” and “Galaxy Pearl” that will compete in this year’s Macau International Dragon Boat Races.

The launching ceremony takes place each year at Nam Van Lake, one to two weeks prior to the dragon boat races. Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of GEG, Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG, Mr. Gabriel Hunterton, Team Leader of the Men’s Team and Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel and Casino, along with Mr. Steve Wolstenholme, Team Leader of the Women’s Team and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Macau attended the ceremony. Joined by other GEG executives, they led members through the traditional rituals, which involve dotting the eyes of the dragon boats, soaking the dragonhead grass at Nam Van Lake, and using it to splash the dragon boats.

“Believing that participation in group activities helps to promote personal growth and teamwork, GEG greatly encourages our members to participate in team sports. Our men and women dragon boat teams for instance, have shown us a lot of commitment. Rain or shine, they insist on practicing daily and because of their hard work, they have claimed many past victories. I believe that, because of their determination and unwavering team spirit, these five very strong teams will achieve even better results this year,” said Mr. Mecca.

Speaking to all those present, Ms. Lui said, “All of us at GEG know about our dragon boat teams’ relentless practices and we are captivated as well as inspired by their charisma, boundless energies and dedication. To express our appreciation and support to the teams, we have gathered here to deliver our heartfelt encouragements. This is a special moment; I sense unity, respect and care that define GEG’s culture and team spirit.”

The two small men’s dragon boat teams, “Galaxy Glamour” – self-record breaker and first runner up at last year’s 250M race, and “Galaxy Universe” – who placed fourth last year; will compete again in this year’s 250M Macau Small Dragon Boat Race. “Galaxy Stars”, last year’s first runner-up at the 2,000M and second runner-up at the 500M Macau Standard Dragon Boat Race, will strive for champion status in both these categories this year.

Entering their second year of racing, “Galaxy Phoenix” and “Galaxy Pearl” – both runner-ups at last year’s women’s 250M Macau Small Dragon Boat and women’s 500M Macau Standard Dragon Boat Race respectively, aims to achieve better results in their respective categories this year.