Galaxy Entertainment Group Steps Forward in Support of the Macau SAR Office for the Development of the Energy Sector

Monday, June 14, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always been supportive of energy conservation. Earlier in March, GEG answered the WWF’s call for support through its participation in the Earth Hour “Lights Out” initiative. On June 14, GEG will again attest to its commitment for creating a better tomorrow by taking part in the Macau SAR Office for the Development of the Energy Sector’s (“GDSE”) ‘Lights-off 1 Hour’ event. Between 8:30pm to 9:30pm on June 14, all inessential lights on the building exteriors of GEG’s flagship StarWorld Hotel & Casino (“StarWorld”), the opening in early 2011 “Galaxy Macau™”, and four City Club Casinos – Waldo, Grand Waldo, Rio and President, will be switched off.

“Environmental protection has become a global concern with energy conservation being one of society’s most important topics. As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG has been an active participant in many energy conservation initiatives. For many years now, GEG has taken part in many “Macau Energy Conservation Week” initiatives and, to promote the reduction of energy consumption within the group, GEG formulated a set of guidelines to assist team members in establishing better lifestyle habits. GEG is appreciative of GDSE’s ongoing efforts in promoting energy conservation, and the group asserts that it will continue to contribute it best efforts to support GDSE’s energy conservation objectives,” said Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Each day, GEG strives to optimize its energy consumption. Apart from the guidelines that the group offers to its team members, GEG’s flagship property – StarWorld, has its own committee to assist in its planning and execution of energy conservation initiatives. To reduce energy consumption, StarWorld installs energy-savings light bulbs in up to 80% of its hotel, casino and back of house areas. The hotel also sets its air conditioning system to run at energy efficient temperatures and, in to minimize pollutants, StarWorld uses environmentally friendly cleaners and non-chemical detergents that are harmless to the sea. In addition, StarWorld has also began studying the use of solar energy in generating electricity. Although these studies are costly, StarWorld believes that, overtime, it will achieve economic efficiency through reduced energy consumption and enhanced environmental protection.

Moreover, StarWorld also recycles paper, metal, glass, and plastic by sending them to recycling plants for reprocessing. At the same time, the hotel also collects rainwater and engineering plant water, so that after special treatment, the sterilized water is reused to irrigate plants and clean the hotel’s car-park floors. The hotel has installed water saving devices in all hotel rooms and employee changing rooms, and, to encourage team members to conserve valuable water resources, StarWorld places water conservation reminders and notices in all hotel rooms and back of house areas. GEG encourages all team members to take action, and by inspiring team members to make simple changes to their lifestyle habits, GEG believes that it can create an energy conservation culture where the family can collectively contribute to a greener earth.