Galaxy Entertainment Group Celebrated the Opening of its “Great Place to Eat” Staff Restaurant

August 5, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always considered employees as its greatest assets. Endeavoring to assist employees in establishing a good work-life balance, a satisfied wellbeing and development, GEG takes a caring look at its employees through different perspectives. Showing GEG’s appreciation for members’ contribution and support, StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”) redecorated and enhanced its “Great Place to Eat” staff restaurant, staff entrance and other facilities so that employees have a cozier environment for relaxation. The renewed “Great Place to Eat” staff restaurant was presented to all members at the opening ceremony on August 5.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of GEG, Mr. Gabriel Hunterton, Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld and other StarWorld executives removed the red cloth that concealed the “Great Place to Eat”, , signaling the commencement of operations at the new staff restaurant, which will continue to provide delicious and healthy menus for its members.

“We thank our employees for their effort, contribution and dedication, and for making GEG a great and happy place to work. Continuing to build GEG’s established team culture, Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources and Administration of GEG, is leading our Human Resources team in the design of a series of training and leadership development programs that will provide you with more opportunities to develop, contribute, and succeed with the Group,” said Mr. Mecca.

The redesign of the “Great Place to Eat” takes on an “employees-oriented” approach. The designer incorporated the use of patterns and bright colors to create a more spacious and appealing staff restaurant where members will feel a greater sense of belonging and harmony. In addition, new facilities were also added, including a buffet zone, coffee lounge, computer games corner, and massage chairs for employees to relax and converse with others. With these new improvements, GEG hopes to create a more ideal environment for members’ enjoyment so that, after they freshen up, members can continue to deliver their most attentive “star” services to guests.

The opening ceremony also included other traditional rituals such as the burning of incenses, a pig cutting ceremony, and the distribution of fortune cookies to all participants. Twelve lucky members were also drawn from the 199 StarWorld August Birthday Stars for twelve grand prizes. Marking an end to the ceremony, GEG’s executives sat down with members for a joyous and harmonious buffet lunch at the new “Great Place to Eat”.