Galaxy ★ Burst of Stars – 2010 Media Gala

August 24, 2010

Showing its most sincere gratitude to all local media for their endless attentions and supports, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted the “Galaxy ★ Burst of Stars – 2010 Media Gala and Galaxy Macau™’s Introduction” gala event tonight, at the Grand Ballroom of its flagship StarWorld Hotel.

Guests included representatives from each of Macau’s newspapers, magazines, TV stations and GEG’s senior executive members, including Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group. The event began with an extravagant Asian dance performance, a maneuver chosen by GEG to demonstrate its numerous Asian elements and specialties, and further elaborate the “Asian Heart” philosophy of Galaxy Macau™. Following the dance performance, GEG also presented to its guests a descriptive video on Galaxy Macau™, giving way for media friends to understand how this integrated leisure resort project will lead Macau’s tourism into a new era. In his welcome speech, Mr. Francis Lui indicated that GEG had been focused on developing integrated leisure, resort and entertainment offerings for years. Leveraging on Macau’s geographical advantage and already-developed tourism industry, Mr. Lui believes that Galaxy Macau ™’s integrated leisure, resort and entertainment features, combined with the Group’s strong understanding of guests’ needs and preferences, enables Galaxy Macau™ to deliver the most distinctive and luxurious resort experience to its guests. Supporting the development of Macau as a Global Center of Tourism and Recreation, GEG is keen on developing differentiated “Asian Heart” products and services that visitors from all over the world continue to find attractive.

Mr. Lui added that, “As China continues to flourish and the world economy continues to improve, we believe that Macau will see a new group of middle class and highly educated visitors, who emphasize on their quality of life and demand quality leisure and resort experiences.” Deputing in early next year, Galaxy Macau™ will be Macau’s first Asian-centric integrated resort. Positioned as “World Class, Asian Heart”, Galaxy Macau™ offers a variety of exceptional leisure, recreational and entertainment facilities plus attentive and personalized customer services to world visitors. Through Galaxy Macau™, GEG hopes to create win-win situations where Galaxy Macau™ blends into its surrounding, the quality and competitiveness of Macau’s tourism further improves, visitors will stay in Macau for longer periods, and additional employment opportunities and prospects are created for locals.

While GEG focuses on developing and growing its businesses, the Group is also supportive of Macau’s cultural development and shows immense care for both the local and national communities. Making its pledge in front of all its media friends, GEG promises to carry on with its sponsorship to the “Youth National Conditions Education Competition”, the “Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon” this year and the “2011 Macau Galaxy Entertainment FIVB World Grand Prix Final”. Furthermore, GEG vows that it will continue to encourage and provide its employees with different opportunities to get actively involved in social activities and volunteer works. Through more active volunteering, GEG hopes to increase its contributions to Macau’s society and offer support and care to a wider range of social communities, including our Motherland, China.

Lastly, Mr. Lui acknowledged and thanked the media for their ongoing encouragements and supports, which he believes, “motivates GEG’s accomplishments and successes to date.” As a gift to all media representatives, Mr. Lui promised that GEG would always remain devoted to presenting its unique and distinctive “Asian Heart” services to all its guests and Macau visitors.