“2010 Galaxy Got Talent” Grand Final

September 8, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) successfully completes the “2010 Galaxy Got Talent” Grand Final. Tonight, hundreds of employees gathered at StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”)‟s Grand Ballroom to cheer for the 16 groups of competing finalists and witness the birth of this year champion.

Attending the event were Mr. Michael Mecca, GEG‟s President and Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Eileen Lui, GEG‟s Director of Human Resources & Administration, senior executive members and over 450 employees. Surrounded by the high-spirited GEG crowd, Ms. Eileen Lui expressed, "This was the most impressive „Galaxy Got Talent‟. Seeing the contestants on stage, I was absorbed by their energy, passion and stardom. The contestants shared with our GEG family their best performances and created for us the most breathtaking evening. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our honored guests from the entertainment industry, including the two renowned Hong Kong artistes Ms. Elena Kong and Ms. Joyce Tang, for volunteering their expertise in judging tonight‟s grand finals.”

Tickets were sold out days before the Grand Final. Tallying the ticket sales, MOP 100,000 (over half of which came from generous GEG employees) were collected from this meaningful activity. Knowing that GEG‟s donation makes it possible for Sichuan‟s orphanage to purchase a vehicle so that disabled orphans have access to greater mobility, Mr. Mecca and Ms. Lui expressed deep honor in representing GEG present its cheque to the Macau Cradle of Hope, who shall assist GEG in delivering its donations to Jingyang District‟s Social Welfare in Deyang City, Sichuan. Mr. Mecca was pleased and said, “This year‟s „Galaxy Got Talent ● Staging Love for Sichuan‟ created opportunities for our employees to parade their talents and team members to show their care and commitment to charity. Our members were highly responsive to this fundraising event; purchasing tickets and making donations even after all tickets were sold out. I am extremely thankful for their selfless contributions, and it is my hope that our members‟ care and support can be felt by the children when they welcome their new vehicle in Sichuan”. In addition to the cheque presentation, GEG also invited the Macau Cradle of Hope‟s children to an enjoyable and sumptuous buffet at StarWorld‟s Temptations Restaurant plus a special segment on-stage where the children shared a delightful performance with the GEG crowd. With all the surprises and an astonishing crowd, GEG‟s executives and Staff Social Club members joined in the performances and delivered the highlight of tonight‟s competition.

StarWorld‟s Grand Ballroom was engulfed by the crowd‟s endless applause and cheer when members of GEG‟s Training & Development – team Dragon received their awards for Best Showmanship, Best Audience Choice and Champion at the “2010 Galaxy Got Talent” Grand Final. Team Dragon‟s representative was thrilled and said, “We practiced daily for this competition, and being up against so many talented individuals and teams, we feel proud to have won our colleagues‟ praises and applauses. I thank GEG for organizing this event, giving us the opportunity to compete in harmony, reveal our talents and share it with others. This has been a most wonderful experience and on behalf of our team, I hope that GEG continues to offer it so that more colleagues can parade their talents”.

Kevin Kuong from International Premium Market Development, Michelle M. Valencia & Marlon E. Madraso from StarWorld‟s Food & Beverage Department and Ben Lao from StarWorld‟s Table Games received the awards for 1st Runner up, 2nd Runner up, and Best Dress at the “2010 Galaxy Got Talent” Grand Final.