Galaxy Entertainment Group VIP Club Charity Golf Tournament

October 13, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) advocates its “Making a Difference by Making a Commitment” corporate citizenship pledge through active support to Macau’s different charity groups. On October 13, GEG hosted the “Galaxy Entertainment Group VIP Club Charity Golf Tournament” at the Macau Golf Country Club and during the awards presentation ceremony, Mr. John Au, Director of GEG’s Business Development, presented the Group’s MOP200,000 cheque to Mr. Io Hong Meng and Ms. Ng Siu Lai, who are the Director and the Secretary General of the General Union of the Macao Neighborhood Association respectively, and represents Macau’s “Peng On Tung” Tele-assistance Service in receiving GEG’s donation, which will be used to subsidize Macau’s elderly so that more senior citizens will be able to use “Peng On Tung”’s Tele-assistance Service.

Many GEG executives, including Mr. Ian Farnsworth, Director of Information Systems & Technology and Mr. Roland To, Director of Strategic Planning, attended the charity golf tournament. Teaming up with the Group’s business partners, these amateur golfers were highly satisfied with the success of this event. Mr. Au said, “While GEG continues to develop Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld, GEG never ceases to remain fully committed to the community, offering our help to those in need. As we look towards Galaxy Macau™’s opening in early next year, we took this charity golf tournament as an opportunity to celebrate our relationship with our business partners and to pay tribute to society’s elderly for all the contributions they made in the past.”

Director Io said, “On behalf of the beneficiaries, thank you GEG for organizing such a meaningful event. Your generosity helps provide financial support to the elderly so that more of Macau’s senior citizens can use ‘Peng On Tung’ Tele-assistance Service. Currently, ‘Peng On Tung’ has approximately 1,300 users as many elderly people cannot afford its services.” Yet, because “Peng On Tung” operates on a 24- hour basis, with highly trained professionals on continual stand-by to provide callers with emergency tele-assistances such as helping callers inform the police or rescue workers, “Peng On Tung”’s Tele-assistance service is most suitable for the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

Several weeks ago, three of GEG’s “Galaxy Got Talent” contestants from StarWorld Hotel had the privilege to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with “Peng On Tung” Teleassistance Service’s elderly users. Invited by the organizer, GEG’s staff talents performed to an elderly audience onstage at the “2010 Mid-Autumn Festival and China National Day Celebration”. The volunteered performance, along with the “Galaxy Entertainment Group VIP Club Charity Golf Tournament” donation, offers vivid proof of GEG’s magnanimous care to “Peng On Tung” users. As part of GEG’s corporate citizenship pledge, the Group promises to organize different activities regularly so that its members can spread their love and care to the wider community.