Home visits to elderly users of Macau’s “Peng On Tung”

December 01, 2010

As a proud member of Macau’s community, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) embraces its corporate citizenship and offers support to all areas of the community. Recently, Ms. Money Loi, Chairperson of GEG’s Staff Social Club, led 23 of the company’s caring members, in visiting the homes of Macau’s “Peng On Tung” Teleassistance Service’s elderly users.

Prior to visiting the elderly at their homes, GEG met with “Peng On Tung” instructors at their Tele-assistance Services Centre where they attended a brief seminar that offered useful communications advice for GEG members so that they can better converse with the elderly. In addition, the instructors also taught the participants how to use and check the tele-assistance services device so that they can give a refresher course to the elderly while visiting them at their homes. Following the seminar, the participants split themselves into eight groups and went to the Areia Preta and R. da Praia do Manduco districts where they visited the homes of both the single-living elderly and elderly couples. Bringing them GEG’s blessings for a healthy and warm winter, members presented GEG’s hand-packed gift to the delighted elders, who were encouraged to develop a healthier diet that contains less sugar, less fat and more fiber. In addition, team members also carried out the center’s provided surveys that will assist the center in collecting updated information regarding the elders’ living condition, emotions and needs.

Ms. Lam Lai Seong, General Manager of Macau “Peng On Tung” Tele-assistance Services Centre, thanked GEG’s members and said, “On behalf of “Peng On Tung” Tele-assistance Services’ elderly users, I thank GEG for extending its care to the community’s elderly. We are delighted to be joined by so many caring GEG members, who sacrificed their spare time to visit our elderly customers. I believe that GEG succeeded in delivering its love and care to all of visited elderly. I truly look forward to continuing our good work and, through the extended support of GEG’s team members, deliver our charitable services to more of society’s needed members.” A month ago, GEG donated MOP200,000 to “Peng On Tung” Tele-assistance Services Centre so that more of the community’s needed individuals can obtain “Peng On Tung”’s timely assistance in the rise of emergencies.

GEG members were thrilled by the day’s activities. Since members could only visit the elderly for a few short hours, members worked against time, and to the best of their abilities, offered their helpful hands to the elderly. Changing doorbells, doing house chores, checking the expiry dates on food items and helping the elderly read their unopened mail and letters – all these, were done for the elderly inside their homes, plus, delivering to them a refresher course to ensure that they remember how to use “Peng On Tung”’s tele-assistance services device properly. Mr. Sou Weng Kuok, who works for Table Games at StarWorld Hotel and Casino said, “The seniors were excited when they welcomed us into their homes. We spent a pleasant time talking about our daily lives, which was wonderful. I am very glad to have visited the seniors. It is a great feeling to be able to bring a smile on someone else’s face, that is the most cherishing reward, and for that reason alone, I will continue to service the community regardless of how busy I get at work.”