Galaxy Entertainment Group celebrates the Lunar New Year with 99 Macau’s seniors through its celebration party and gives away staff members’ hand-woven scarves

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, (Thursday, January 27, 2010) – Reaching out and sharing their Lunar New Year spirit with Macau’s elderly community, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s Staff Social Club organized a “Year of the Rabbit Welcoming Luncheon” for 99 seniors from the Macau Federation of Trade Union’s Centro de Convívio Vivacidade (“Vivacity Recreation Center”). Held earlier this week at its flagship property StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”), GEG presented its most distinct caring and passionate qualities to the elderly and with hopes of giving the elderly participants their good blessings for a blissful start of Lunar New Year, the Group presented each participant a hand-woven scarf that 99 GEG members knitted.

Although the Vivacity Recreation Center organizes Lunar New Year celebrations for its elderly users each year, all of the celebrations take place inside the center’s facilities. Thus, GEG’s offering of a ‘field trip’ to StarWorld was hugely enjoyed by the seniors who, spent the midday dining, playing games, singing and receiving lucky draw prizes from GEG’s energetic and caring executives and members. Representing GEG, Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources & Administration led the God of Fortune and the Group’s executives in distributing red packets (i.e. a symbolic gift of luck) plus members’ hand-woven scarves (i.e. a precious reminder for recipients to dress warmly) to all the elderly participants. Attentive and personalized, the deliverance of good luck and great health blessings plus the display of gratitude created some of the event’s most touching and compassionate scenes.

GEG have long been caring member of Macau’s community and believing that Macau’s seniors made tremendous contributions and sacrifices in transforming Macau to where it is today, GEG believes in sharing its social responsibilities to create better quality of life for Macau’s seniors. On behalf of the 99 seniors, Ms. Lou Kan Sam, Director of the Macao Federation of Trade Union’s Social Services Committee said, “The seniors here today are individuals who have spent most of their lives in Macau’s northern districts and throughout their lives, they’ve had very few opportunities to dine in a hotel. Thus, we are very grateful for your arrangements. In addition to GEG, we would like to thank all the Staff Social Club members, volunteers and everyone involved in arranging this activity, which we deeply appreciate because your efforts make it possible for these seniors to come out, to see the current Macau and to know that our society has not forgotten about them. Thank you GEG for sharing your warmth and I look forward to our next collaborative event.” The 99 hand-knitted scarves are the accomplishments of 99 caring members, who belonging to different GEG departments and properties, got together and completed. Although many of the scarf contributors could not make it to the celebration, the seniors still felt their tender love and caring messages through their hand-knitted and personalized masterpiece.