Galaxy Entertainment Group pulls members together with users of Fuhong Society of Macau’s services in a cooperative Creative Ceramic Craft-Making Workshop

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, (Tuesday, February 22, 2010) – In an effort to increase members’ understanding of the needs of Macau’s non-profit organizations and vulnerable population, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s Staff Social Club organized a special activity where enthusiastic GEG members were taken to the Fuhong Society of Macau’s “Creative Corner” to meet and join the organization’s mentally handicapped users for a “Cooperative Creative Ceramic Craft-Making Workshop”.

More than 10 GEG members gathered with Fuhong Society’s users at their “Creative Corner” at Fai Chi Kei for the activity. They listened carefully as the art instructor introduced and explained the rationale behind establishing the “Creative Corner”. Warming up, the instructor also invited GEG members and the Corner’s users to deliver self-introductions, and when everyone was acquainted, the instructor taught all participants how to make a small ceramic piece. Having mastered the basics, the instructor then instructed the participants to pull together to create a ceramic chair, so that the participants’ strong and motivated teamwork can be demonstrated. Under the instructors’ good guidance, the participants put great efforts into each steps of making the ceramic craft and shared the production techniques with each other. In order to stamp their success into lasting memory, they inserted GEG’s trademark onto their individually designed ceramic craft, which has indicated a result of their collaborative work.

Ms. Jennifer Chau, Director of Fuhong Society of Macau said, “It has always been Fuhong Society of Macau’s mission to create opportunities for our users so that they can meet and interact with other members of the community and through the process, improve their social status and integrate into community. Thus, we would like to thank GEG - for organizing its enthusiastic members to join this meaningful activity and, to GEG’s members – for spending their spare time to help boosting our users’ artistic potential, self confidence and communication skills.”