Galaxy Entertainment Group participates in WWF’s “Earth Hour 2011” in answer to the global call to “consume wisely” All properties take action through implemented environmental protection policies

Saturday, March 26, 2011 – Showing immense support to WWF’s annually organized global environmental initiative, “Earth Hour”, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s flagship property StarWorld Hotel & Casino (“StarWorld”), soon-to-open Galaxy Macau™ Resort, and its four City Clubs – Waldo, Grand Waldo, Rio and President, all pledged their support for sustainable environment . At exactly 8:30pm, Saturday March 26, all GEG properties switched off the non-essential lights at their building exteriors for one hour.

As a socially responsible corporation, GEG has actively participated in WWF’s “Earth Hour” for three consecutive years. Taking positive actions to support environmental conservation and the protection of Earth, GEG participates in both the annually organized “Earth Hour” lights out event and the regular environmental protection activities organized by the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector of the Macau SAR. In addition, GEG’s hotels and casinos also adopt environmental protection practices in their daily operations so that they play a part in preserving Macau and the worlds’ ecology. StarWorld, Galaxy Macau and GEG’s four City Club all administer green policies that cover every aspect of their operations – hotel, food and beverage, engineering, administration, procurement, information technology, construction and design, the purpose of which is to minimize their energy and water consumption, reduce waste production and put their recycling projects in place.

In addition to adopting various environmentally friendly practices into its daily operations, GEG and all its properties reach out and promote environmental awareness and stewardship to its guests and staff members. Calling for everyone to collaborate on achieving a more environmentally sustainable future, promotional materials are posted in many visible areas. Moreover, in cultivating a greener culture for staff members, GEG sets clear energy savings guidelines and measurements to assist staff members in understanding the rationale behind environmental protection so that they can establish better work and lifestyle habits. GEG believes that by encouraging staff members to adopt energy conservation practices into their daily lives, staff members will be able to experience green living, thus, enabling them to understand the benefit and importance of achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.