Galaxy Entertainment Group Organizes Activities to Promote Team Members’ Work-Life Balance

Monday, May 01, 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) values the wellbeing and personal development of its team members. In addition to providing team members with a comfortable and healthy workplace, GEG organizes regular activities to promote team members’ work-life balance. Recently, GEG’s Staff Social Club organized eight “Cake Making Workshops” and “Rock Climbing Fun Days” and gave team members as well as their families the opportunities to participate in activities with their fellow colleagues and improve their overall corporal fitness.

GEG’s Staff Social Club collaborated with two bakeries in organizing the eight “Cake Making Workshops” where over 70 team members received guidance in making a variety of flavorsome cakes. With the approach of Mother’s Day, the participants looked upon the activity as one that provided them with an opportunity to bake love-andaffection-filled cakes for their mothers and since the workshops were held in small groups, team members took time to enjoy the interaction and getting-to-know one another in a relaxed environment.

In addition to the “Cake Making Workshops”, last week, GEG’s Staff Social Club also organized a second “Rock Climbing Fun Day” at the Carmo Sports and Recreation Centre, giving the participating team members and their families the chance to test their physical strength, stability and determination under the supervision of professional rock climbing experts.

Since its inception, GEG’s Staff Social Club has organized many volunteering and recreational activities, interest classes and community visits that were well received and supported by GEG’s team members. GEG vows to continue organizing various activities so that team members can seek more enjoyment beyond their workplace, add vibrancy to their way of life, and sustain a healthy work-life balance.