Galaxy Macau™ organizes a pre-opening welcome party to cheer on its team members. Ms. Sandra Ng Kwan Yue adds excitement with her surprise appearance

Monday, May 12, 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is counting down the days to this months’ May 15th grand opening of its new Taipa flagship, Galaxy Macau™. Recruited more than 7,000 team members for the new integrated resort, GEG has spent the last few months training its team members on both the technical skills and customer service excellence that are “Asian Heart” which spells out GEG’s most “World Class” hospitality. In an effort to bring team members together for a celebration before the Galaxy Macau’s grand opening and give them the chance to share their “World Class, Asian Heart” values and attributes, Galaxy Macau organized a special party to welcome them. As an encouragement to its new team members, Galaxy Macau invited a special guest, Ms. Sandra Ng Kwan Yue whose surprise appearance to the party surely created additional entertainment and excitement for everyone in the party. GEG’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Francis Lui and members of GEG’s executive team also attended the welcome party to cheer for the Group’s newest members

Accepting GEG’s special invitation, Ms. Sandra Ng Kwan Yue visited Galaxy Macau earlier and became one of the firsts to experience the facilities and the “Asian Heart” services of Macau's first fully integrated and Asian-centric destination resort. Satisfied with the pampering experience, Ms. Yue offered her appreciation for Galaxy Macau’s hospitality and made a special surprise appearance at the welcome party where she cheered for Galaxy Macau’s team members. Ms. Ng said, “What I enjoyed most was the dazzling dining facilities, looking at the decoration, design, plantation and water features at the Grand Resort Deck really gave me the same relaxing feeling that I got when vacationing to other resorts in Southeast Asia. In addition, the attention, friendly attitude and hospitality that everyone at Galaxy Macau presented was delightful, making this a most remarkable and memorable vacation experience. Having visited Galaxy Macau and receiving an experience that lives to the resort destination’s promise, I really think that Galaxy Macau is truly exceptional and I wish Galaxy Entertainment Group and all of the Galaxy Macau’s members’ success in making this the best resort destination in Asia”. Ms. Ng’s appearance gave the welcome party an instant boost. She shared with team members a video that she recorded during her stay at Galaxy Macau. To let the participants feel even more connected and motivated. Each of them who attended the party was given a special gift as well as a lucky draw ticket to win cash prizes.

In addition, special dance performances were presented in the event. Supervisors and managers were asked to choose a musical instrument that they feel mostly represented their team. By gathering a range of musical instruments, team members created a band and performed together in hope of solidifying their Galaxy Macau team spirit. Signaling the start of a new and fruitful beginning, all of the guests wrote blessings on a wish-card that they hung onto a sky lantern, in hope that their wishes would come true.