Galaxy Entertainment Group’s Dragon Boat Teams takes home four trophies on the first day of the “2011 Macau International Dragon Boat Races”

Saturday, June 4, 2011 – Following last year’s success, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s Dragon Boat Teams gears for another victorious year in the “2011 Macau International Dragon Boat Races”. Today, five of GEG’s six dragon boat teams – “Galaxy Glamour”, “Galaxy Universe”, “Galaxy Phoenix”, newcomer “Galaxy Elegance” and “Galaxy Stars” sweeps away four trophies for their outstanding performances in the men’s and the women’s small dragon boat 250m open, and the standard dragon boat 2,000m open races.

Living out GEG’s team spirit, Mr. Michael Mecca, Group President & Chief Operating Officer, the Group’s senior executives and many other GEG team members vow to support the teams by arranging groups to attend the races and cheer for GEG’s Dragon Boat Teams at the Nam Van Nautical Center. Among GEG’s supporters are members of GEG’s cheer squad, who pieced together a cheerful dance performance to encourage GEG’s Dragon Boat Teams, their supporters and other spectators. Seeing the full support of their peers, GEG’s Dragon Boat Teams raced rigorously through the finish line, to relish the delightful calls of their teams’ names plus the colorful sights of the GEG, StarWorld and Galaxy Macau™ flags.

The women’s team demonstrated that they have as much stamina as GEG’s men. Both “Galaxy Phoenix” and GEG’s newest all-female small dragon boat team -“Galaxy Elegance”, achieved astounding results in the “2011 Macau Small Dragon Boat Women’s 250m Race” with second and third place finishes. The men’s “Galaxy Glamour” and “Galaxy Stars” also achieved outstanding results in their respective races, the“2011 Macau Small Dragon Boat Open 250m” and the“2011 Macau Standard Dragon Boat Open 2,000m” race. Fully determined on winning, the two men’s teams paddled in unison and took home 3rd place.