Galaxy Entertainment Group’s Dragon Boat Teams Break Record and  Take Home 9 Awards in the 3-Day Races Period

Monday, June 6, 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s Dragon Boat Team “Galaxy Stars proudly brings home the champion title in today’s "2011 Macau International Invitational Standard Dragon Boat Races – 500M Open – Category B Final”, and “Galaxy Pearl” a 5th place trophy in the “Women’s 500M Open - Grand Final” while Mr. Lei Sec Man, Pit Manager of Table Games at Galaxy Macau™ receives a special “Best Drummer” trophy, which sums up GEG’s total achievements to 9 trophies and awards in the 3 days race period.

Before this morning’s preliminary races, many of GEG’s team members and executives, including GEG’s Deputy Chairman, Mr. Francis Lui, visited the dragon boat teams and presented them a gift and good blessings on behalf of the Group. Mr. Lui said, “All the team members at GEG truly appreciate and support our dragon boat teams who have undergone a period of long hours and tireless team trainings, each trophy that we received certainly doesn’t come easy and we are very proud of the teams’ superlative achievements”. The GEG dragon boat team members were also very pleased with their results and delighted to see their peers coming to Nam Van Lake to cheer for them all the way through the 3-day races.

On the first day of races, “Galaxy Phoenix” and “Galaxy Elegance” finished at 2nd and 3 rd place in the “2011 Macau Small Dragon Boat Women’s 250m Race”. “Galaxy Glamour” and “Galaxy Stars” finished at 3rd place in both the “2011 Macau Small Dragon Boat Open 250m” and the“2011 Macau Standard Dragon Boat Open 2,000m” races.

“Galaxy Stars” completed at 3rd place in the "2011 Macau Standard Dragon Boat OpenOpen Category-500m Grand Final" and Galaxy Pearl” completed at 2nd place in Round 3 of the "2011 Macau Standard Dragon Boat Open- Women Category-500m Race" on the second day of races.