Galaxy Entertainment Group Spreads Love and Care to Compatriots in China

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recently donated batches of commodities, including T-shirts, jackets and thermo cups to the Care Action Macao earlier and with the community-based efforts of the Care Action Macao, the aids were warmly delivered to the elderly homes and orphanages in Guizhou, Gansu and Guangxi.

Since last year, GEG has participated in the “Care Action Cup” fundraising event and the funds were put into aid efforts to help children and the public in the poor communities in Mainland China. GEG believes that besides money, clothing and other commodities can help the people in needs more efficiently and, hence, GEG gave out batches of brand new relief supplies earlier, comprised of some 400 jackets, 2600 Tshirts and 1700 thermo cups to Care Action Macao and with their assistance, these relief supplies were sent to the poor communities and rural areas. Mr. Lo Seng Chung, the Chairman of Care Action Macao, said, “I am grateful of the generous donations of GEG that have helped thousands of children and elderly as well as alleviating poverty in Mainland China. The smiles on their faces bring us joy in our hearts and we truly feel that it is really a blessing to be able to give and share with others.”

Some of the thermo cups given out by GEG were sent to the Care Action Macau Orphanage located in the village of the Huining County in Gansu Province, and Mr. Ran Shu Cang, Principal of the Orphanage, distributed these cups among the single-living elderly and orphans in the village. Mr. Albert Lai, Secretary of Care Action Macao who was involved in this aid, said, “The weather conditions on the mountain area of Gansu are very extreme, and there is a huge difference between the temperature in the morning and at night. I visited the place in one summer and the temperature on the mountain area can drop to as low as 10 degrees Celsius at night. Because it is also an open area, the wind can be very strong. The habitants need to put on sweaters and sleep in sleeping bags even during summer time.” The thermo cups thus become very useful especially for the children and elderly. “Mr. Ran gave a very meaningful name to these GEG thermo cups – “Philanthropic Cup”, and the villagers were deeply touched by the gifts”, added Mr. Lai.

As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG is always committed to providing cares to those in needs in Macau and Mainland China via various channels. GEG is extremely thankful of the assistance provided by Care Action Macao especially on the areas of custom declaration and transportation arrangements, so that our people in Mainland China can share the care and love from companies in Macau.