Galaxy Entertainment Group’s 2011 First Half-Yearly Internship Program Appreciation Ceremony Marks the Fruitful Achievements of 48 Interns

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 – It has been a long term commitment for Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) to nurture local talents. For this reason, GEG has been working continuously with various higher education institutes to offer students a broad range of internship programs since 2008. The programs provide students with an exceptional opportunity to fully utilize their academic knowledge in practical settings. In the first half of 2011, 48 students from various education institutes, including Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau University of Science and Technology, Hotel Institute Montreux and Swiss Hotel Management School, completed the internship program offered by GEG. The number is almost a quadruple to that of the previous semester. Last week, an Internship Program Appreciation Ceremony was held at Galaxy Macau™ to celebrate the successful completion of the 4- to 6 - month internship program.

The Internship Program Appreciation Ceremony was graced by a number of GEG’s senior management including Mr. Michael Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer and Mr. Trevor Martin, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration. Representatives from the participating universities were also present in the ceremony to witness this significant moment. Mr. Eu-Gene Chan, Assistant Vice President of Organization Development, gave a speech in recognizing the outstanding achievement of the interns and their contributions to the company. He encouraged the interns to join the GEG family upon their graduation.

During the ceremony, four interns shared with all the guests their wonderful experiences in the last six months. Through the internship program, they acquired professional skills and knowledge that could never be obtained in schools, and thus they were more confident to tackle problems independently. Over the last six months, the interns had been working with the elites from the industry; the invaluable insights and opinions gained from these experienced people would be useful for life. Taking this opportunity, they thanked their schools and mentors for giving them full support and assistance during the internship. Also, they were particularly grateful to GEG for offering them an opportunity to engage in different departments within the company. The interns added color to the ceremony by performing the “Asian Heart Jingle” dance. Taking GEG’s notion of “World Class, Asian Heart” as the theme, the dance and the lyrics expressed the solicitous service attitude and genuine professionalism demonstrated by GEG.

The internship programs offered half-yearly by GEG in recent years have fully demonstrated GEG’s determination to foster local talents for the community. GEG holds a strong belief that by improving the professional quality of local young people in relevant fields, the overall competitiveness of the hospitality and entertainment industry will be enhanced. The internship program for the second half of the year has commenced. As in the past, GEG will continue to provide more internships for students to encourage their participation in a diverse range of training opportunities.