Galaxy Entertainment Group Subsidizes 20 Team Members for the Studies of the Diploma in Casino Management

Friday, July 29, 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) believes team members are valuable assets to the company and fully supports them in furthering their education to enhance their professional knowledge. Following last year’s academic funding provided to 10 team members on the “Diploma in Casino Management” program at the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming (“ISCG”) at University of Macau, GEG continues to subsidize 20 more team members for the same diploma this year.

The ISCG at University of Macau established the “Diploma in Casino Management” program with an aim to provide a high quality vocational training program to the practitioners in the gaming industry, and to build bridges between gaming theory and practice that lead to the healthy development of the gaming industry in Macau. GEG is confident that this program can effectively nourish qualified casino practitioners, hence, sponsoring MOP$327,000 for 20 of its team members to attend the program to gain a deeper understanding of the theories and skills of casino management.

GEG offers a wide range of in-house training courses as well, including Mandarin and other foreign languages courses, stress managements, leadership trainings, first aids, team-buildings and communications, responsible gambling, customer services, grooming and healthcare seminars. Through providing training and development courses, GEG hopes to optimize the opportunities of promotions for its team members as well as to facilitate them in excelling at their respective job fields. In addition, GEG also provides educational allowances for its team members to enroll in continuing education courses to encourage not just lifelong learning but at the same time, to improve the overall professional qualifications of human recourses in Macau, hence, sustaining the growth and development in the Macau’s gaming industry.