“GEG Volunteer Team Inauguration Ceremony” Kicks Off

10 August 2011 – With a long term commitment to serving the community, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always been supportive of its team members’ active participations in charity work. Today, GEG hosts a “GEG Volunteer Team Inauguration Ceremony” at StarWorld Hotel to celebrate the establishment of GEG Volunteer Team.

The ceremony is graced by officiating guests including Mr. Iong Kóng Io, Director of Social Welfare Bureau of Macau SAR, Mr. Io Hong Meng, Director of the General Union of the Macao Neighborhood Association, Mr. Chiang Chong Sek, President of the Board of Macao Federation of Trade Unions, Ms. Chio Ngan. Ieng, President of the Women's General Association of Macau, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, Mr. Mike Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer, and Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources & Administration. All the officiating guests place the “GEG’s Hearts” in the inauguration box which symbolizes the spreading of love of the volunteer team to the Macau society.

Mr. Francis Lui pays special tribute to the members of GEG’s volunteer team for their dedication and encourages them to preserve their benevolent attitude. He continues to say that, “As the phrase goes ‘Many a little makes a mickle’, with our passion and strong determination, together we can make a difference. Today, not only that we mark the inauguration day of our GEG Volunteer Team, but it also signals the day on which we, as a team, bring the power of unity.”

Prior to the inauguration of the volunteer team, GEG has been working actively with local charity associations to organize community activities as an effort to fulfill the corporate social responsibility; including visits to the home for the elderly and the childcare institutes. With the growing passion for charity work amongst the team members, GEG started recruiting members officially for the GEG Volunteer Team since March this year, and more than 900 team members have joined the team from different departments at Galaxy Macau™, StarWorld and CityClubs.

The representative of the volunteer team, Mr. Billy Chu shares with all the guests his wonderful experience working as a volunteer, “I met many new friends after joining the team. Thanks to the voluntary work, I have been in direct contact with people from various social dimensions, especially those from the minority groups. I realized that it is more blessed to give than to receive and I will cherish everything I have.”

During the ceremony, GEG donates MOP 600,000 to three local charity associations including General Union of Macao Neighborhood Association, Macao Federation of Trade Unions and Women's General Association of Macau, in acknowledgement to their effort in providing a diversity of social service.