GEG invited members of Macau deaf Association to FIVB World Grand Prix Finals

29 August 2011 – Being a responsible corporate citizen, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is committed to delivering care to different sectors of society. This year‘s “2011 Macau Galaxy Entertainment FIVB World Grand Prix Finals”, GEG, as the title sponsor, invited 33 members of Macau deaf Association and their family members to the FIVB competitions, with an aim to bring the participation of people with different community backgrounds to this international sports event.

The members of the association were invited to watch the game between Russia and Serbia that took place on August 25. They were accompanied by the GEG volunteer team; most of the participants involved in this activity were young children who were born with hearing impairment and needed assistance of hearing aids. Yu Yuen Wai, the parent of a child with hearing loss said, “They are actually very energetic kids and they like all kinds of sports activities. They were thrilled when they know that they were invited to the FIVB games.”

The children were so excited by the ambience of the live competition that they were waving the cheering sticks in their hands almost throughout the entire game. Yu Tse Yueng, a big fan of the Serbia team, was overjoyed when his favorite team scored a point. He said, “This is my first time to watch the FIVB game live and I think it is really awesome! My parents already bought me a volleyball and I hope I can be a great volleyball player in the future!” After the competition, GEG invited the members to enjoy a delicious dinner buffet in Festiva, an acclaimed restaurant at Galaxy MacauTM .