GEG Basketball Team Won the Champion of MGILA Basketball Cup

5 September 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always been supportive to Macau’s sports development. To further encourage GEG members in the participation of the local sporting activities, GEG participated in Macau Gaming Industry Laborers Association (“MGILA”) Basketball Cup for the first time. The 16 outstanding basketball players which formed the GEG Basketball Team stunned everyone in the stadium with their exceptional skills and performance to take home the championship.

It is the fifth Basketball Cup organized by MGILA and the activity attracted 18 participated teams coming from different gaming operators. Through this event, the organizer hopes to raise awareness of team members in the industry about the importance of maintaining regular exercises as a healthier life style.

The GEG basketball team spent the last four months preparing for the competitions. Not only their skills were greatly improved after the extensive training and practices, but they also developed an excellent rapport and close friendship with one another.

Lam Wun Fai, the pit manager of table games at Galaxy MacauTM, was the captain of the team. “We dedicated our spare time to preparing for this competition because we all wanted to take the trophy home for GEG. We are very happy with the result and our efforts really paid off with the trophy,” said the captain, “And thanks to the competition, I am able to meet other GEG members who share the same interest as me.”

GEG basketball team battled down other rivals in the preliminary round and reached the final of the competition, facing their fierce opponent, Melco B basketball team. It was a close fight that could have gone either way, but the GEG team managed to hold its nerve till the last moment. The spectators broke into loud applause as GEG finally defeated its rival 96 - 84 and won its first ever MGILA Cup.