November 8, 2011 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) would like to alert customers and members of the public to fraudulent telephone survey scams that have been targeting people in various jurisdictions including but not limited to Australia.

The callers of these scams untruthfully claimed to be representatives of GEG and invited the call recipients to complete the surveys in return for a chance to participate into GEG’s raffles, lucky draws or lotteries. Typically, the recipients would be deceivably told to win large cash prizes in these activities and asked to transfer the processing or membership fees to the designated bank accounts before they could realize the cash prizes.

GEG hereby declares that it does not conduct nor hold any telephone survey, raffle, lucky draw or lottery outside Macau SAR and Hong Kong SAR. GEG has never appointed any overseas representatives to organize these activities on its behalf. GEG would like to remind customers and members of the public that should they receive such fraudulent survey calls untruthfully claiming to be from GEG, they shall not provide any personal information to the fraudsters and shall immediately report the matter to the local police. GEG will not be liable to any losses incurred as a result of these unauthorized and fraudulent activities.

GEG reserves all its rights in this matter.