GEG Organized Movie-Watching Activity for 700 Children and Elderly People

December 18, 2011 – Aiming to offer the disadvantaged groups an opportunity to enjoy a unique entertainment experience, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) invited 700 elderly people, children and their family members through a number of local charity associations to watch movies at UA Galaxy Cinemas which was opened on 15th December. The movie-watching activity held in two consecutive days was also joined by more than 60 members from GEG Volunteer Team who helped in ushering the participants into their seats and passing drinks and snacks to them.

Last Saturday, 330 elderly people from Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society, Macao Federation of Trade Unions, Macao General Union of Neighborhood Associations and Betania Elderly Home, were invited to watch a movie based on a Chinese folktale, “Legendary Amazons”. Transportations were arranged by GEG to take the elderly participants from their associations to the cinema at Galaxy Macau™. Delighted by the comfortable design of the cinema, Cheong Ion Mui from Macao General Union of Neighborhood Associations said, “I am very happy that I can enjoy a movie with my friends in such a nice cinema. It was more than ten years ago the last time I went to a cinema and the activity today has brought back a lot of old memories to me.” After the movie, the elderly participants were invited to have lunch at “Tastes of Asia”.

In this morning, 330 children and their family members from Caritas Macau, Cradle of Hope Association, Macau Deaf Association and The Women’s General Association of Macau were invited to enjoy a 3D movie “Arthur Christmas”. As Christmas is fast approaching, GEG hoped to spread the joy of the festival by offering the children a funfilled Sunday with a heartwarming Christmas movie and tasty snacks such as pop-corn and hot dogs.

This was the first time for most of the young participants to watch a 3D movie. Thrilled by the powerful visual and surround sound effects, 14-year-old Lei Lai Wa said, “I have never watched animations in 3D before. Watching 3D movie is a lot of fun. The characters looked so real that you could almost touch them.”