GEG donated over 200 pieces of toys to Sheng Kung Hui

December 19, 2011 – In response to the “Toy Collection Campaign” organized by “Sheng Kung Hui Center for Gambling Counseling and Family Support Services”, Staff Social Club of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) collected more than 200 pieces of toys from the team members and donated to the centre as a warm Christmas gift to the families and children in need.

On behalf of GEG, Mr. Buddy Lam, Vice President of Public Relations of GEG and Ms. Money Loi, Chairperson of Staff Social Club, presented the donations to Mr. Lee Kwok Hoo, Service Director of Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Service Department, at the donation ceremony held on 19th December. The toys collected from GEG team members will be used for establishing a play area in the centre for organizing parentchild activities. Mr. Lee Kwok Hoo from Sheng Kung Hui expressed heartfelt gratitude to the generosity of GEG team members and said, “Budget-strapped families do not often have extra money for buying toys for their children and the toys these children are playing with are either old or broken. Thanks to the support of GEG, we have collected an adequate number of toys to provide more fun and entertainment for these children in need.”

GEG’s Staff Social Club started to promote the toy donation campaign among the team members two months ago and received overwhelming response from them. Some of them even purchased new toys in a bid to support this meaningful activity. After careful selection, over 200 toys including chess, sporting goods and language learning tools were chosen for the centre. GEG hopes that the toys will not only provide more entertainment for the children, but will also help the children in their development.