Galaxy Entertainment Group trained 73 talents for the hospitality industry

January 17, 2012 – With a commitment to foster all-round talents for the hospitality industry, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) successfully trained a total of 73 students from various universities last year, doubling the number in 2010. In celebration of the completion of “2011 Second Half-Yearly Internship Program”, an appreciation ceremony was held at Galaxy Hotel™ Function Rooms to acknowledge the endeavors and contributions of the interns.

21 students from Institute for Tourism Studies, Swiss Hotel Management School and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Singapore campus) successfully completed the internship program offered by GEG in the second half of 2011. Combined with the 52 interns trained in the first half of the year, a total of 73 university students successfully completed the GEG Internship Program in 2011. The number of departments involved in the internship program last year also increased from 14 to 31 in a bid to expose and engage the students in a broad range of practical experience.

The Internship Program Appreciation Ceremony held today was graced by the presence of Mr. Gabriel Hunterton, Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Macau and a number of senior members and mentors from GEG. Representatives from the participating universities were also present in the ceremony to witness this memorable moment. Mr. Paul Town, Vice President of Hotel Operations of Galaxy Macau praised the outstanding achievement of the interns and their contributions to GEG in his speech. He also welcomed the interns to join the GEG family upon their graduation.

Ken Xu, a student from Institute for Tourism Studies, shared his wonderful experience at the Human Resources and Administration of the Corporate Office in the past six months. Not only has he gained a tremendous lot of practical knowledge through working with GEG’s professional team, but he has also built up more confidence in tackling problems independently. He said, “It is the challenging nature of the work which motivates me to go further. Every time a mistake is made, I will dig into the cause in order to avoid repeating the same mistake in the future. Eventually this will lead to improvement.” Lastly, Bob Lou from Swiss Hotel Management School sang a song to thank GEG and their mentors for their support and guidance. 

The internship programs offered half-yearly by GEG have fully demonstrated the company’s determination to nurture talents for the industry. With the participation of 40 university students, the “2012 First Half-Yearly Internship Program” will commence on 30th January. As always, GEG will continue to offer the students a diversity of practicum training in order to enrich their vocational skill and knowledge.