China Women’s National Volleyball Team Arrives at Galaxy Hotel and Prepares for the “FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ Macau 2012 presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group”

June 4, 2012 – The premier women’s volleyball tournament, the “FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ Macau 2012 presented by Galaxy Entertainment Group” will take place from 8th to 10th of June. Led by the head coach Yu Juemin, the China women’s national volleyball team arrived at the event’s official hotel, Galaxy Hotel™, on Monday. To welcome the team, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) specially arranged a warm welcome reception for the team athletes at Galaxy Macau™, while offering the public and hotel visitors a rare opportunity to catch sight of one of the leading squads in women’s international volleyball.

The Chinese team arrived at Galaxy Macau on Monday and immediately received a rapturous reception from supporters. The welcome ambassadors then genially presented a bundle of flowers to each athlete with the blessings and encouragement of everyone. The reception was also attended by a number of senior management executives including Mr. Michael Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer of GEG, Mr. Heinz Roelz, Director of Hotels & Hospitality of GEG, Ms. Gillian Murphy, Senior Vice President of Non-Gaming Operations of Galaxy Macau, Ms. Janette Kendall, Senior Vice President of Marketing of Galaxy Macau and Mr. Buddy Lam, Vice President of Public Relations of GEG, who greeted the team along with an exultant crowd of hotel guests and visitors. Everyone was excited to see the team players at the hotel lobby and look forward to the best performance of each of them in the competition.

To be named the official hotel for the tournament once again this year, Galaxy Hotel will continue to offer its most cordial hospitality to the visiting athletes; this includes setting up an 8- foot long oversized mattress for each player and providing different pillow choices on player’s preference. The hotel will also give its special attention to food preparation for the players to ensure they are given adequate nutrition to cope with the competitive games.

Yu Juemin said that this tournament gives the team a perfect chance for real-time practices, which can further prepare them for next month’s London Olympics. He believed that the team still has room for improvement and encouraged the players to embrace every opportunity to participate in the international matching games.

The “FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix™ Macau 2012” will kick off this Friday. The China women’s national volleyball team will first play against Puerto Rico, then against Argentina on the second day, and finally against Thailand on the last day of the tournament. For the latest event details, please visit the website of Macau Sports Development Board or GEG