Seniors from St. Antonio Elderly Centre Visited Galaxy Macau™ and Enjoyed Savory Lunch Buffet with GEG Volunteer Team

May 24, 2012 – 50 elderly residents from St. Antonio Elderly Centre were warmly invited by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) to enjoy a relaxing sunny morning at the World’s largest skytop wave pool at Galaxy Macau™. The sun, white sand beach, breathtaking sceneries and breezy waves have instantly added vivacious energy to the elderly guests and a broad grin on their faces as they strolled along the shoreline. Following the tour was a refreshing savory lunch buffet at Galaxy Hotel™ specially arranged for the seniors, making it a truly fulfilling and memorable outing for them.

When the senior guests and the staff from the elderly centre arrived at Galaxy Macau on Wednesday morning, they were immediately captivated by the resplendent “Fortune Diamond” at the grand lobby, which rose from the dancing fountain under special light effect. More dazzling features followed as the visiting group walked along the East Promenade full of exquisitely designed retail shops and restaurants.

The elderly guests were impressed by the variety of entertainment and dinning amenities offered by Galaxy Macau, as the friendly GEG volunteers introduced them some of its popular facilities such as the UA Galaxy Cinemas opened last December. Appetite was whetted as the group passed by the food plaza “Tastes of Asia”, which offers an incredible selection of delicacies from China, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and the USA.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the tour would be visiting the Grand Resort Deck, where the 350-ton white sand beach frames the 4000sqm skytop wave pool. The senior guests were particularly fascinated by the enormous wave pool which was built on the second floor of the resort property and was capable of generating waves of up to1.5m high.

Although temperature sometimes reached as high as 30°C on this sunny day, the elderly guests were gratified to have enjoyed a wonderful experience of nature on the Grand Resort Deck. “It’s been many years since I was walking along a beach, enjoying the gentle breeze and waves. It has brought me back the memories of the old days and I feel like I have regained my youth,” said 75-year-old Lau Jik Ting. Believing that outdoor activities can benefit the elderly both physically and mentally, Iong Pui Ian, a staff of the elderly centre expressed her gratitude to GEG and its helpful volunteers for organizing this meaningful event.

After a delightful walking tour around the magnificent resort property, the elderly guests were up for some good food and drinks at Festiva of Galaxy Hotel. Smiles beamed on the faces of the seniors as they filled their plates with a variety of delicious food and they certainly had a good time interacting and chatting with the GEG volunteers throughout a joyful day.